How to log in to iMessage on Macbook

How to log in to iMessage on Macbook

iMessage is a messaging app for everyone in the Apple ecosystem, from a Mac, you can send messages to all iPhone users and if you have an iPhone, receive and send messages. Regular SMS messaging with Android users is also made easy, so the question is do you know how to log in to iMessage on a Macbook?

Although there are many messaging apps on the market, iMessage still maintains its leading position for those who are using the Apple ecosystem. Besides being rich in features, the most secure feature of iMessage is also appreciated.

Sign in to iMessage on Macbook

If you use macOS, chances are you’ll want to set up iMessage on your Macbook to start a free chat with your friends right on your computer.

Instructions for setting up iMessage on Macbook

You don’t need to use iCloud or even have an iPhone to use iMessage, but you’ll need an Apple ID. If you already have an iCloud account, the email you used to sign up will be your Apple ID, but not yet, refer How to create an Apple ID here.

Step 1: You open the application Messages from the Dock, folder Applications or by searching for it with the key combination Command + Space. If this is the first time you launch the application, you will be asked to login. In the absence of an Apple ID, click Create new Apple ID To register an account. If not, log in with your current Apple ID.

how to import imessage on a macbook

Step 2: After logging in, open your settings Messages by clicking on Messages on the menu bar and select Preferences or press the key Command + Comma (,).

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Step 3: Under the tab iMessage, you’ll find options for managing iMessage accounts. You need to make sure your phone number or email is listed below the section You can be reached for messages at, or else you will not receive any messages on your Mac.

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Step 4: Once you have 2 contacts, such as your phone number and Apple ID, you can receive messages on both accounts. At the bottom, you can choose the account you want to use when texting with people. Using an email-based iMessage account is similar to a phone-based account. You can message anyone using iMessage, even by their phone number. But only phone-based accounts can text Android users via SMS.
Step 5: Before closing this window, don’t forget to turn on the option Enable Messages in iCloud to synchronize all old messages with Mac.

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Step 6: If your phone number doesn’t show up in the Messages settings, you’ll need to make sure iMessage is enabled on your phone. On iPhone, you open Settings> Messages and turn on iMessage. If not, you will see the option Use your Apple ID for iMessage, you should click on it and log in with the account you are using on the Macbook.

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Once completed, your phone number will appear in the Messages option on your Mac for a few minutes, and finally, you can use iMessage at will. During the use of iMessage, there will be many errors, please refer How to fix iMessage error does not work on Mac, iPhone and iPad if this is the case.


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