How to log out of ZOOM Cloud Meetings on computers, Android phones and tablets

To ensure that your account data is not stolen, Taimienphi will show you how to sign out of ZOOM Cloud Meetings on computers, Android/iOS phones and other devices. With this method, you can safely use Zoom in the most comfortable way.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings (Zoom) is a free video calling software on Android, iOS and PC. User after create account ZOOM and login can hold group meetings, video calls up to 100 people. To ensure privacy and protect your Zoom account, you should sign out of Zoom from all other devices.

Tips to log out of ZOOM Cloud Meetings account on all devices

The fastest way to log out of Zoom on computers and phones

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Log in to your Zoom account on
Step 2: At Personal, select Profile => Sign Me Out From All Devices => OK.

2. Quick Guide
Step 1: Open Browser and and Zoom homepage HERE
Step 2: Choose Sign In in the upper right corner.

how to zoom in on pc

Step 3: Next Login to your Zoom account need to sign out of the devices.

how to make zoom on android phone

Step 4: Choose Profile in Personal.

How to remove zoom on iOS phones?

Step 5: Scroll down and select Sign Me Out From All Devicessign out your ZOOM Cloud Meetings account from your signed in devices including PC, Android and iOS computers.

How to display zoom on iPhone?

– Continue to choose OK to complete the process.

How to remove the zoom headset on any device Android iOS PC
So you have signed out of ZOOM Cloud Meetings on your PC, Android and iOS phones from all devices where you have logged into your account. Now you can be on your own Create a group on Zoom PC chat with other users without fear of being seen by crooks and stealing data.

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