How to look up personal identifiers

The lookup of the personal identification code will help people easily know what their identification number is, in case the CCCD has not been received. The main identifier is the displayed CCCD number. Currently, a 12-digit CCCD number has been provided to people who convert from a 9-digit ID card to a 12-digit CCCD. In case you have not been granted CCCD but want to look up CCCD number or look up personal identification code, please refer to the article below.

Instructions for looking up personal identifiers

Step 1:

You access the link below to enter Residence management public service portal. At this interface we click Login button.

Step 2:

Next we will Click on the National Public Service Portal to log in with this account. If you do not have a National Public Service account, please refer to the article below.

Choose a National Public Service Portal account

Display an interface for you to fill in your National Public Service account information.

National Public Service Portal Account

Step 3:

Switch to the new interface, we look below and then click Item Archive.

Hosted on the Residence Management Public Service Portal

Step 4:

Then switch to the new interface, you will see your information, at the Reporter information we will see identification number at DDCN/CCCD/CMND.

Identification number at DDCN/CCCD/CMND

In case you want to look up the child’s identification code in case the CCCD has not been issued, you will have to look on the child’s birth certificate.

In case you cannot find the child’s personal identification number on the birth certificate, you can contact the police in the area where the child’s birth certificate has been registered.


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