How to make eleaning lectures, design lessons using Adobe Presenter

How to make eleaning lectures, design lessons using Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is an application used in the design of electronic lessons very useful recommended by the Ministry of Education. Adobe Presenter helps users to make boring, more vibrant presentations more interactive in the form of compelling flash movies. So how to use Adobe Presenter to design e-learning lessons like? Let learn through the article below.

Currently, most teachers are used to using PowerPoint software to prepare lessons, but Powerpoint is merely used to design slide shows rather than a standard e-learning lesson software in the true sense. Because standard e-learning lectures must be fully integrated multimedia and comply with one of the standards SCORM, AICC. Great, this was added with the Adobe Presenter app.

How to make eleaning lectures, design lessons using Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is considered to be an add-in based on Microsoft Powerpoint software and complements Powerpoint advanced lecture editing features to create electronic lessons that comply with e-learning standards. In this article, we will show you how to use Adobe Presenter to design electronic lessons with the new version of Adobe Presenter and run on Powerpoint 2010 software.

How to make eleaning lectures, design lessons using Adobe Presenter

First you need to download the Adobe Presenter and install: Download Adobe Presenter

After successful installation, launch MS PowerPoint software. On the menu bar of MS Power Point appears a new menu Adobe Presenter.

how to do eleaning giang giang giang giang giang adobe presenter 2

Next to start building an electronic lecture with Adobe Presenter, you open PowerPoint software and follow these steps:

Step 1: You create a Folder and save the PowerPoint file you just opened here
Step 2:Next to designing the e-learning lesson we begin by creating the information of the lesson editor:

Click on the tab Adobe Presenter and choose Setting => Application => Presenters

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Press the button Add and fill in the corresponding box then click OK to save.

how to do eleaning by cards adobe presenter design 4

Step 3: You set up slides, running mode for Slide lectures

– To set the slide you click on the item Settings => Appearance. Here will display the items to busy installing:

+ Title: Title Slide
+ Summary: Summary of content of Slide
+ Theme: Set the color interface for Slide. You can click on the drop-down arrow icon to choose the interface type or want to use more Theme setting features by clicking the Theme Editor button

– Set the Running Mode for Slide: In the Presentation Settings window you switch to the Playback tab displaying the items including:

+ Auto play on start: Automatically run when a slideshow
+ Loop presentation : Turn around and repeat
+ Indude slide numbers in outline : Number the table of contents when presenting (This section should be selected)
+ Duration of slide without audo of video (in seconds): Set the running time for each slide

how to do eleaning giang giang giang giang giang adobe presenter 5

Step 4: Insert audio into the lecture slides

You notice Audio with 4 functions as follows:

+ Record: Live recording
+ Import: Insert audio files from outside
+ Sync: Synchronize audio with activity on slides
+ Edit: Sound editor.

You can record, record directly (Record) and insert from an existing file (Import).

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If you want to record the lecture directly from the teacher, click the Record audio section. You will see a window pop up to check the mic is ready or not, click OK to continue

how to do eleaning giang ad giang giang bang adobe presenter 7

Appears the next recording board, click on the red circle to record and click on the Play arrow to listen to the lecture. Note to make the recording, you need to connect the recording device to the computer. If you like the recording you click Save to save

how to do eleaning giang giang giang giang adobe presenter design 8

Step 5: Insert Video into Slide Lecture.

The video image insert feature includes 3 options:

– If you want to record live, click the Capture Video button. The recording window appears, click the red button to start recording, the blue arrow button to review and the square button to stop recording. After the recording has finished press OK to finish. To use these features requires your computer must have a Webcam or be connected to other television equipment.

– Use Import video if you want to insert an existing video file into your slideshow

– Edit Video: Video editing features

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Step 6: Insert Flash into the lecture

The procedure is similar to the video but here you select the Fash file with .SWF format

how to draw eleaning giang giang bang adobe presenter 10

Step 7: Using interactive question creation function (Quiz)

This can be called a particularly useful feature of Adobe Presenter that helps teachers design intelligent interactive question systems with many types and different types of questions.

You can create interactive questions by: From the Adobe Presenter menu, click on Quizze Manager.

The Question Types window displays a list of question types to choose from including:

– Choice questions
– True / false question
– Filling in the blank
– Short answer with his comments.
– Pairing
– Assess the level.
– There is no right or wrong answer.

You click on the type of question you want to create and enter the necessary information such as:

– Name of the question
– Point
– Options
– Determine the answer
– Determine the answer island

Then press OK, got it to take note

Next comes the set of question states like:

– If the answer is correct, slide forward.
– Display feedback content
– Allow number of replies
– Select the sound for each case true – false.

Vietnamize the notice content of the question

how to make eleaning cards by design adobe presenter states 11

Step 8: Export lectures and post online

After designing the e-learning lesson, you will export the lesson and publish it online.

In the Adobe Presenter menu, select Publish. Here will be 3 ways 1 output lecture for you to choose:

– Publish to CD to run on computers
– Publish the zip – scorm package to publish
– Publish to HTML to run on your computer.

You choose one of the above ways to export and save lectures on your computer or upload directly to a certain website.

How to make Eleaning Cards by designing Adobe Accent Presenter 12
Above is a tutorial on how to make e-learning lessons with Adobe Presenter. Adobe Presenter software is a useful tool to help teachers design electronic lessons quickly in accordance with standards set by the Ministry of Education. There are also a number of other E-leanring lecture software that are highly appreciated in the design of e-learning e-learning, such as: Lecture Maker, Microsoft LCDs, iSpring Presenter … Each part Each software has its own strengths, so choose a software that suits your needs. Good luck.


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