How to make medical declarations on the NCOVI application

By making medical declarations on the NCOVI application, each of us has contributed our efforts to the prevention and control of the Corona influenza pandemic, helping the state agencies and the Ministry of Health to statistics and control the situation. and take measures to isolate accurately and quickly, to avoid spread.

Before the situation of Corona flu pandemic Covid-19 is spreading faster, on the afternoon of 9/3, the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Information and Communications has launched a medical declaration service on NCOVI (or nCoV) application and Vietnam Health Declaration support medical declaration, improve epidemic prevention.

How to declare health and health on NCOVI application

Which, application Vietnam Health declaration for passengers and people entering Vietnam. The NCOVI application focuses mainly on the contents of universal health declaration for people living and working in Vietnam.

Residents make medical declarations by downloading the NCOVI application according to the link shared below.

– Download NCOVI for iPhone
– Download NCOVI for Android

Instructions for declaring health and public health on the NCOVI application

Step 1: Open the NCOVI application Just downloaded and installed on the device.
Step 2: The first time you log in, the application will ask the user to enter the full and correct Personal information, especially items marked with *, including:

+ Full name
+ Date of birth
+ Gender
+ Current address
+ Phone number

After entering the information, please tick go to “I commit the information declared true” and then click the button OPT authentication .

how to claim medicine on ncovi apps

Step 3: An OPT code will be sent via text to the phone in 2 minutes. Friend Enter Auth Code in the information box and click Confirm .
On the medical declaration screen on NCOVI application, the notification window is displayed Information on risk factors. After replying Have or Is not , you press the button Declare to complete.

how to show your health on the white paper

Step 4: On the first access to the NCOVI medical declaration application, you will receive a request that the user grants permission to use the positioning feature, select Have in the bulletin board to agree.

In the main working window of the application, select Home tab below the screen, then you press the button Declaration of all-people health.

Medical declaration on ncovi application

Step 5: In the screen General health declaration information , you first need to enter your personal information into the medical declaration form on the NCOVI application. The items are highlighted * is required.

After completing personal information, you choose Continue .

how to claim medicine on ncovi apps

Step 6: The system switches you to the screen Disease survey . Here you also answer questions on medical declarations on the NCOVI application. Later check the box “I promise the information declared is true”. Click Submit information to complete.

how to claim medicine on ncovi apps

After 6 steps of implementation, Taimienphi has finished giving you the necessary steps to download and Medical declaration on NCOVI application Fast, most accurate. Hopefully, each of us will refer to the article to contribute to the prevention of the Corona influenza by making the most detailed and truthful universal health report.
Update: There are still many people who download and install NCOVI, but when authenticated by phone, they do not receive OTP. In case you receive an OTP code and when you enter and press confirm, a blank screen appears and nothing else can be done.


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