How to make the trend of hand pairing on TikTok, long-distance love hands

How to make the trend of hand pairing on TikTok, long-distance love hands

Recently, surfing TikTok we will see a lot of videos related to the image of hands. This is a pretty magical trend, helping you to capture, shape your hands and show it on TikTok with many different meanings. Here are the details of how to make the trend of hand pairing on TikTok, the long-distance hand that you need to grasp.

Take a handshake with your lover, capture the hands trending now TikTok new, used by many young people and TikTokers. In this trend, images of hands will be taken, fonts removed and automatically merged into lively videos on social networks TikTok, Instagram.

How to trend hands on TikTok, instructions to create trends in long distance hands

To be able to effectively and quickly update this trend, you need to know how to make a two-handed trend with a capcut or how to do a hand pairing trend on TikTok, a long-distance hand in the article below.

1. Benefits of making trending photos of hands, trending handshakes with lovers on TikTok

– Know the tips, how to trend your hand with capcuts with magical effects, background fonts and post them on TikTok to catch the trend and not lag behind others.
– Conveying many meaningful messages through hands, attracting many interactions and followers from TikTok users.

2. How to make hand pairing trend on TikTok

Within the scope of today’s article, will show you how to make a two-handed trend with capcut on Android phones, you can delete the background font and create a similar hand trend with Iphone phones.

Details of how to do this are as follows:

Step 1: Take a picture of your hands with a regular camera or a photo app on your phone of your choice.
Step 2: Visit the website, select “upload image” and select the image of the hands just taken so that the system automatically separates the background. Click quick access Bấm Here

(In this step, if you want to create a hand trend with your lover, you will have to upload photos of each hand in turn, including a photo of your hand and a photo of your lover’s hand to separate the background).

Step 3: Click Download to download the background image of the hand.

How to make a trend to match your hands on TikTok

Step 4: Download and install capcut on your phone (video editing application, helping you create videos with beautiful effects).

=> Link to download CapCut for Android

=> Link to download CapCut for iPhone

Step 5: Access the capcut application, press “Form“. At the interface of “form“, press search keyword”hand trend“.
Step 6: Select the hot trend pattern the hand you want to use to create a video and then press “use template“.

How to make a trend to get your hands on TikTok

Step 7: Selection “Picture” want to add to the template, press “preview“to watch videos”hand trend” generated by the template.
Step 8: Press “exportt”, select “export without watermark” to start the video output process.

Note: In this step, in order for the video export process to be uninterrupted, you need to keep the Capcut screen always open and should not lock the screen of the phone in use.

trend you love far away

Step 9: The video export process is complete, select “share to TikTok” to share videos, hot trending hands on my TikTok wall.

how to make 2 hands bang capcut


There are quite a few ways that you can use to create hand trends on TikTok, including how to trend hands with picsart, trend hands with capcuts,,… Actually, these are all The tool supports you to quickly remove the hand background font to combine into video effects after editing. For more ways to do this, readers can refer to the tutorial article How to separate photo background with Picsart on phone on our phone.
Above are the details of how to make a hand pairing trend on TikTok, how to do a two-handed trend with a capcut, the trend of long-distance love hands is popular on TikTok today. With the newly created TikTok hand video, you can use it to convey a variety of different topics, including meanings, messages about faith, hope about life or love when falling in love. Besides, if you find people’s favorite trending videos, quickly use the tool Click here to download videos on TikTok to your computer or phone.


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