How to measure Internet speed, test bearing speed with Google Search

Unlike the usual methods of measuring Internet speed, measuring and checking Internet speed with Google Search is quite useful without spending too much time to manipulate users like having to find a service or software. Support Internet speed measurement.

You often have to work in the Internet environment and want to quickly grasp the Internet speed to timely take measures to accelerate the Internet in time to serve the job. In the article, will work with you to learn how to measure Internet speed quickly with Google Search, and learn how to speed up the Internet in the most effective way.

How to measure Internet speed, test bearing speed with Google Search

Note that this way of checking Internet speed with Google Search only applies to foreign versions of Google Search, specifically the US and Canada. Therefore, if you access Google Search Vietnamese version you will not be able to measure Internet speed on Google Search

How to measure Internet speed, test bearing speed with Google Search

Step 1: Visit the page with the address HERE to access the Internet speed measurement page using Google Search. If possible, you should pin this link to your browser’s bookmarks to open it faster. introduced to you some ways to create bookmarks on Google Chrome or how to create and delete bookmarks in Firefox, readers can read and learn by themselves.

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Step 2: Press Run Speed ​​Test Let’s start testing the network speed.

However, remember to turn off all current download and upload processes because these processes can affect and falsify Internet speed measurement results using Google Search.

Step 3: The results will give you the following parameters:

– Mbps download: Download speed in MB / s

– Mbps upload: Upload speed in MB / s

– Latency: Line delay

– Server: The server sends and receives signals (ping).

Check the internet by google search

Finally, the conclusion of the network speed test tool using Google Search. The conclusion is of course English. For those of you who do not know English, you can highlight the conclusion and press Ctrl + C and paste it into Google Search to understand the meaning of the conclusion sentence.

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Step 4: If you find that the results of measuring internet speed with Google Search are not really accurate and you have a problem, you can press Test Again to check the network speed again.

Check your hair by loading the website with Google search

In addition, also noted with readers that, All network speed measurement tools have certain errors so you should not rely entirely on the results obtained so that by default, the current Internet speed is in use because depending on the time the network speed may decrease, for example, due to optical cable breaks.
If you want to refer to other network testing and testing tools, you can refer to the instruction of Internet speed test by service or Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​software. Remember that whether using the service or speeding up with Auslogics BoostSpeed, you should never be too dependent on the parameters to assume that the network is slow. However, if the network is slow due to some objective reasons, do not worry, apply some small tips that has shared to fix the slow network.


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