How to merge PDF files, merge 2 or more files * .PDF into 1

How to merge PDF files, merge 2 or more files * .PDF into 1

To merge PDF files from 2, 3 … files into 1 there are many different ways, you can use online services such as Foxyutils or Smallpdf or use a computer software called Adolix Split Merge PDF .. . will be detailed by through the steps in the article.

PDF is a fairly common format today on the network and on particular computers can be easily Create PDF by converting from a text .doc or .docx. It contains text, effects, images in the content and other users are not allowed to edit directly. The following article will guide you how to combine 2 or more PDF files into 1 single file.

How to merge PDF files, merge 2 or more files * .PDF into 1

There are many ways to merge multiple PDF files into one, but in this article, will introduce you The two fastest ways to merge PDF files into one.

Ways to combine multiple PDF files into one
1. Merge PDF files online.
2. Merge PDF files by software.

1. Merge PDF files online, no software required

To access PDF Merge and merge the PDF file, you first access Here

In the frame Combine mutiple PDF files You can also press the button Browse to select the PDF files you want to merge into one. (or you can drag a PDF file from your computer, laptop into this section – Drag files here)

gop pdf file

After the PDF file to be paired has been uploaded, click on it MERGE PDF to start PDF joiner.

Copy as many pdf files as one

Merge PDF files will take some time depending on whether your PDF files are heavy or not. Therefore, you will need to wait for a while during the merge and merge process of the PDF file.

After the service finishes editing the PDF file, click Download to Download the PDF file has completely merged from the previous two PDFs.

To download the PDF file you need to log in on FoxyUtils. You can create a free account or use your Facebook, Google+ account to login

copy 2 pdf file

Default on Chrome browser when clicking Download file will Automatically download the download section of the computer. However, if you use a different browser, you need to choose where to store the file, and this is also the last step in joining the PDF file.

For example, in the Opera browser, you need to select a file storage location:

edit the pdf file

Enter a name for the merged PDF file, joining the PDF just now.

copy pdf file

Click Select the PDF file after merging PDF online.

pdf file online

And this is the result after you merge the PDF files, join multiple PDF files together, that’s great, isn’t it.

2. Merge PDF files by software

Using this method is more diverse because there are so many software options available online such as: Ultra PDF Merger, PDF Split Merge Pages, PDF Rider, Adolix Split Merge PDF, Foxit Phantom …

Here will use Adolix Split Merge PDF software to combine. You can download the latest version of Adolix Split Merge PDF

– First to section Merge to select the merge mode:

gop pdf file

– Then to add the PDF file, we click “+” to add PDF files.

copy pdf file online

– Click on Merge files to merge PDF files together.

pdf file

– Click to complete the process Select file to see the result when combined.

pdf file oray-nhieu-file-pdf-thanh-1-1656n.aspx
Conclude: Above we have guide you 2 methods of combining 2 or more PDF files into 1 very detailed, hopefully with the above tips to merge PDF files will help you in the process of manipulating these PDF formats.


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