How to minimize the Skype screen on PC, open multiple chat windows

Skype is a free messaging, calling and video calling tool, widely used in organizations and offices. Using Skype, you can set up a minimized window for each contact list and place it anywhere on your desktop desktop, specifically how to minimize the Skype desktop screen will shared below.

Currently, instead of using messaging, calling, and online meeting facilities on the Skype window, you can Skype screen can be minimized into smaller working versions and keep it in different windows on your computer, this will allow you to continue working, texting, and monitoring Skype conversations quickly. , convenient.

Instructions on how to minimize the screen on Skype, instructions on how to turn on Skype window split mode.

Instructions to minimize the Skype screen

Note: Skype thumbnail or Skype split view is only available for Skype on desktop, Chromebook, and not available for Skype on mobile or web platforms.

1. How to minimize the desktop Skype screen

Step 1: Launch Skype on your computer, sign in to your account.
Step 2: At the Skype working interface, click on the 3 dots icon (see more) and then select “enable split view” (Enable Split View Mode)

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Step 3: At this point, the Skype screen has been minimized. You can press and hold the left mouse button on the title bar of a Skype conversation to move the window to anywhere on your computer screen. In addition, you can also drag and hold the mouse to zoom in and out of the Skype screen as you like.

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Step 4: How to open multiple conversation windows on Skype

To be able to open more miniature Skype screens, simply double-click any chat in your chat list. At this point, the new conversation will be displayed in a new window on the screen.


2. How to turn off screen shrink on Skype

After splitting the screen on Skype and achieving your goal, you can set the Skype screen back to the old Skype window or maximize the Skype screen again by setting the following:

Step 1: At the main Skype interface, click on the 3 dots icon.
Step 2: Press select “turn off split view” (Disable Split View Mode). At this point, the Skype screen will return to the normal working screen.

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With the instructions in this article, I hope you have mastered the tricks to zoom in and out of the Skype screen and apply it to real working situations on your Skype.
By default, the language used on Skype is English. However, you can also set the language to be used in your favorite language format and maximize support for personal work and study purposes. Detail How to change language on Skype has been shared here, please refer.

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