How to multiply percentages in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

How to multiply percentages in Excel makes it easier to do percentage multiplication if you remember the function. From there, you will create pie charts, tables easily.

Calculating percentages in Excel is one of the simple tricks that Microsoft Excel users need to know. To perform multiplication of percentages in Excel with data tables to help draw charts, equal tables % easily. The percentage multiplication feature in Excel is not difficult, but for newbies, finding this feature is not easy. If you are having trouble wanting Find the percentage in Excel, learn how to multiply percentages in Excel to solve a problem.

How to multiply percentages in Excel:

Step 1: In Excel spreadsheets, note the numbers total and the secondary data need to calculate the percentage.

Step 2: Enter the code = SUM (B4 / B9). Cell B4 is equivalent to 334 that is needed to calculate the percentage in excel. And B9 is the total of 1800 as in the example.

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Step 3: Press Enter to do the sharing gives us a number. You need to do the next operation to convert percentage in Excel. Right-click on the calculated cell and select Format Cells.

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Step 4: In the Format Cells interface, click Percentage and choose OK, got it. Can edit section Decimal places is the decimal place behind%. For example, 0.01 or 0.000001 depending on the quantity you set.

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Immediately the percentage of 334 compared to 1800 total will be calculated.

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Step 5: Use mouse drag to find the next answer.

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You will get the corresponding percentage.

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The above is a very simple percentage manipulation in Excel. Users can immediately apply to calculate the percentage of Excel in their documents. To calculate the percentage of a number in Excel, you can apply the above method, going into details, you refer to the way Calculate the percentage of a number here
To use Microsoft Excel fluently, the most important thing is to memorize the basic functions in Excel. It is a little difficult to remember if you just learn the basic functions in Excel by theory. Practical operations using basic functions in Excel are needed to help users quickly memorize and use these formulas well. Calculating and tabulating work will be much faster if you know how to use basic functions in Excel.


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