How to open CMD, 6 ways to start Command Prompt on Windows 7

Open CMD (Command Prompt) on Windows 7 to run CMD commands to check computer status, information as well as internet status … There are many ways to start Command Promt on a computer that you can perform to enter cmd in a simple way.

On the Internet market today there are many software that supports the command line to manipulate the window Command Prompt (abbreviated cmd) instead of operating on the normal graphical desktop. If you are a computer expert or a professional programmer, the frequent use of CMD command line is inevitable, there are many cmd command lines that you may not be aware of. But first, you need to know how to open CMD or launch Command Prompt first.

6 ways to start Command Prompt on Windows 7

* Method 1: Use the Search tool to open CMD.

This is a very common practice and many people often use this method. You just click Start Menu -> type keywords Command Prompt on item Search Programs and Files -> open Command Prompt in the section Programs

How to restart the command prompt on Windows 7

* Method 2: Open CMD from the Run window.

Unlike Windows XP, windows Run are preset on Start Menu, in Windows 7, do a similar search on keywords Run in the section Search Programs and Files (or the fastest is to use a key combination Windows + R).

Type “cmd” or “cmd.exe” in Run -> OK or Enter on the keyboard.

* Method 3: Open cmd from the Start Menu

Click Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt

* Method 4: Create a shortcut to open CMD placed on the desktop.

Previously, has guided you how Create Facebook icon on Desktop then you can do the same when creating the icon for the Command Prompt.

Right-click anywhere on it Desktop -> New -> Shortcut

Window Create Shortcut Open, select the path to the file cmd.exe by clicking Browser. This executable is located in the directory C: Windows System32 -> OK

Click next to continue

In the section Type a name for this shortcut: Enter a name for Shortcut you want to set ->finish to close the settings.

Done, now every time you boot your computer, to log in to the window Command Prompt Just click on this icon.

* Method 5: Go to CMD, Command Prompt on the Taskbar

If you don’t want the shortcut just created like the 4 on the Desktop, you can pin it below the bar Taskbar by, hold the icon of Command Prompt and drop in Taskbar.

* Method 6: Launch CMD from Windows Explorer

Right click on the icon Start Menu -> Open Windows Explorer.

Access to the file path cmd.exe(C: Windows System32). Activate cmd.exe executable to open Command Prompt.

Above are the usual ways to open CMD, and in case of opening CMD with admin rights on the computer that you need to know more, opening CMD with admin rights will help us to deeply intervene in the system, discover and test. better errors.
So you see, how to open CMD, Command Prompt is not merely encapsulated in a single way, on Windows 7 you can open this window in 6 different ways. Choose for yourself a way to open the Command Prompt that you think is the easiest to use on your computer, or if you know any other way, please share it with!


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