How to open files saved in Office 2007 with Office 2003 on the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

How to open files saved in Office 2007 with Office 2003 on the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

How to open files saved in Office 2007 with Office 2003 on Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack can still be done, you can upgrade Office 2003, change Office files, edit on mail. See the details of opening files saved in Office 2007 with .docx extension using Office 2003 below.

In the past, many users had wondered what software to read .docx files from. Because versions of Office 2003 and earlier only created .doc file and support reading this file format. So reading the docx file by any software that made Office 2003 users return to the previous question. This is not really Office 2003, it is not possible to use .docx file, there is still a way to help you open Office 2007 files with Office 2003 on your computer.

How to open files saved in Office 2007 with Office 2003

In addition, readers can also download the Office versions here if not already available.

Download Office 2007 version here: Download Office 2007.
Download Office version 2010 here: Download Office 2010.
Download Office version 2013 here: Download Office 2013.
Download Office 2016 version here: Download Office 2016.

1. Upgrade Office 2003.

Access COME IN to download the upgrade Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack File Formats.

With this upgrade package, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx formats are all readable in Office 2003.

2. Change the file extension of Office.

Step 1: Access COME IN to change the .docx file.

Press Choose file. Find the .docx file you want to read in Office 2003. Choose file and press Open.

An archive file in Office 2007

Step 2: At the section Output Format, select the .doc format you want to convert. Finally press Convert and wait for the .docx file of Office 2007 to be converted to .doc that Office 2003 can read.

An archive file in Office 2007

3. Edit on Gmail.

The Gmail tool supports online editing, which you can use this way. Send .docx file to another email address of yours. Then log in to that Email to receive mail and Click on the edit pen icon in .docx files attached on Gmail.

doc file luu tren office 2007

Then you just need Copy The entire contents of the .docx file into Office 2003 on your computer have successfully opened the file saved in Office 2007 with Office 2003.

mo file on office 2007

With the above 3 ways, you can choose the best way to support reading Office 2007 files on Office 2003 easily. must also recommend that you install Office 2016 on your computer. Because Office 2003 version is too long, it is no longer suitable to use a combination of many features in today’s era. Just install Office 2016 You will use all the best features in the office toolkit such as Word, Excel, Power Point …
For versions of Word, users should install the feature to automatically save text when editing. Surely every user has no less than 1 laptop battery life, power failure, power failure … leading to the loss of all the draft text in Word, right. With features Automatically save text in Word then users will no longer encounter this situation.


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