How to open PDF files on iPhones and iPads

PDF is a stable file format, high security used to send email a lot today, on mobile devices also supports this file very well. Opening pdf files on iPhone or iPad can use a lot of different software depending on user needs.

On the computer, there is a lot of software that can open PDFs or even if you use Windows 10, the PDF opening is supported right from the start. However, opening the PDF file on iPhone and iPad to read and edit that pdf, we will have to do? How to use the application to read and edit pdf on iPhone, iPad?

Finding a PDF reader on iPhone is not difficult, but not the best choice and how to use it is not known. In addition to reading PDFs, there are many functions that we need to explore, the following article will be an indispensable reference for those who want to make the most of what PDF brings to iPhone.

Instructions to open pdf files on iPhone and iPad

1. Instructions on how to download and read pdf files on iPhone, iPad.

Step 1: First to be able to open pdf files on iPhones and iPads, recommends you an extremely good free application that is Adobe Reader, readers can download. Adobe Reader here.

Step 2: After downloading the application to your phone, go to the Menu Settings immediately, where we have many features to learn.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 2?

Comment: Leave your comments in the comment section of that PDF file.
Export PDF: Export the PDF file after you have created it.
Create PDF: Create new PDF documents, support creating from existing files.
Fill & Sign: Create a signature for a basic PDF file.
Scan: Scan image to create PDF file.
My Account: Create or login Adobe Reader account to easily give.

2. Link to the Dropbox account

In addition to reading the PDF files available on the machine, this application also allows us to link to the data storage service Dropbox.

Step 1: Still on the Menu bar, click Local to open the interface and select Dropbox, now we will proceed Open the PDF from Dropbox or link Dropbox for the first time to use.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 3?

Step 2: When there is a notice the system wants to ask to access the Dropbox app, click open. But of course this step can only happen when you have Dropbox on iPhone available, and if not, download Dropbox for iPhone come here now.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 4?

We then need permission of this app by clicking Allow to link.

how to download pdf files on an iphone ipad 5

And when you receive the message Your Dropbox account has been added ie the Dropbox link has been successful, from now on Dropbox which PDF file will be in your Adobe Reader software immediately.

Note: Creating a Dropbox account you can use Gmail to use and log in directly.

how to download pdf files on iphone 6 ipad

Step 3: And you can revisit Adobe Reader to check that there are files synchronized from Dropbox. Click on the file to open the PDF file on iPhone.

how to download pdf files on iphone 7 ipad?

Step 4: Here you are allowed to edit a bit including adding text types, as well as highlighting some paragraphs. Of course this can only be used to overwrite in the PDF file, you cannot delete the original word of the PDF and replace it as normal text.

how to download pdf files on an iphone 8 ipad

However, adding notes in PDF is also very useful when you forget to add a certain note in the text of the PDF, after editing is complete you can save directly whether it is a file in your iPhone or on Dropbox .

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 9

3. Open the pdf file on iPhone using Mail Box

Step 1: Mail app on iPhone is very good and supports many formats including pdf reading on iPhone. When anyone sends you a PDF attachment, open the default Mail box on the PDF, wait for the file to finish loading, and you’ll be able to open the pdf file on your iPhone right away.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 10?

Step 2: However, because it only supports opening pdf files on iPhone, in addition to reading very limited features, there is not much editing for this file.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 11?

Step 3: Here you can only highlight text, add text or add a signature, it is best to use a more professional application.

How to download pdf files on your iPhone iPad 12?

Because the PDF file sharing feature allows you to open pdf files on iPhone in other applications available on iPhone as well.

how to download pdf files on an iphone ipad 13

The above is a basic guide on how to open pdf files on iPhone as well as basic use of a few other functions. Through the article on hope to help those who are using iPhone, iPad. Because PDF reading software as well as working on phones today are very popular, it will be very disadvantageous and you will face many problems if you do not know how to use applications, software to read PDF files even though on your phone or computer.

Along with that, combining pdf files from small files is always a basic skill that users often need to use to increase the professionalism of their work. And you, you know the tricks to merge pdf files from single files yet? If not, you can refer to the guide to pairing pdf files that we have previously shared to add this knowledge.
In the process of joining pdf files from small files, the case of file merging is unavoidable and how to cut pdf files will be again something that users are interested in now, by trimming the pdf file. Taimienphi shared earlier, hoping that the extra pdf files will be easily removed by you to complete the document file here.


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