How to pair Video with Xilisoft Video Converter

Join videos by downloading Xilisoft Video Converter to your computer to help you join different video content into a single video. This way, you can easily create unique, funny videos from small funny videos together. The detailed content will be in the following article, please follow along.

If in the previous post you already know how Convert Video files with Xilisoft Video Converter, then today’s article we continue to learn how to pair Video with Xilisoft Video Converter, follow along to know how to do it.

Instructions on how to pair Video with Xilisoft Video Converter

Step 1: Downloadand install Xilisoft Video Converter on the computer. You can download the latest version of Xilisoft Video Converter: Download Xilisoft Video Converter

Step 2: Open the program and click the icon as below leads to where the Video File you want to pair is located

Press Ctrl to select the files to pair into the program. Then click Open

Step 3: Check the Videos you want to join together and select the icon of 2 overlapping movies as shown below

Step 4: A new video appears on the list, uncheck the newly merged videos, then select the format and choose where to save it

Step 6: After setup is complete, click the icon as shown below to start the process

The process is going on wait a while until completed
Above, we have just done with you to perform video pairing operations with Xilisoft Video Converter software. So you can enjoy the Videos more easily instead of having to open each Video segment one at a time.


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