How to pay when buying things in English

When traveling abroad, you may encounter a very satisfactory item but it is too expensive for your desire, then the way to pay when buying things in English will be very necessary and important. So what are the question patterns, you can follow in the article below to know how to use them correctly.

Bid / bargain in English also called price / haggle / dicker goodbargain , when buying an item in excess of your own pocket, you can negotiate or trade with the seller to buy the item at a price that is suitable for both the seller and the buyer. If you want to bargain, how can you use the price method when buying things in English?

Sample answers when buying things in English

The way to pay when buying things is not too expensive

1. Where you start paying the lowest price

– I will give you + price.
(I will pay you $ …)

– I will buy it for + price.
(I will buy it for $ …)

2. If the seller says the price is different from what you want to pay them

* This case occurs when case 1 you offer a price but is not approved and the seller offers a lower price at the beginning and higher than the price you just gave. So you can use the following sentence patterns:

– Can you lower the price?
(Can you lower the price?)

– Can you make it lower?
(Can you get a little less?)

– I can’t afford it. Lower the price a bit?
(A little less.)

– That’s too expensive. How about $ …?
(This price is too expensive. So the price … how about this?)

– Is that the best price you can give me? How about + price (the price you want to pay)? That’s my last offer.
(Is this the best price you can offer? So … what about $? That’s the last price I pay you.)

– How much is this and this altogether?
(How much will this and this one buy together?)

How to pay when buying high-value items

* When the seller says the selling price, you can say:

– Is this the best price?
(Is this the best price?)

– Is that the best you can do?
(Is that the best price you can sell?)

* When the seller does not agree to sell at the price you give, you can use the following sentence patterns:

– Is that your best price?
(Is this your best price?)

– Can I get a discount?
(Can I get a discount?)

– Is there any discount?
(Is there a discount?)

Other bargaining patterns in English when buying things

1. Could I have the lowest price?
(Can you give me the lowest price?)

2. Give me …% discount.
(Discount …%.)

3. I saw this for $ … somewhere else.
(I see other goods selling this item have … $ only.)

4. Do you have anything that is less expensive?
Do you have anything cheaper?

5. I don’t suppose there would be any chance of you giving me some more discount?
(Can you lower the price?)

6. Well, I was just going to look around, I wasn’t sure I’d be buying today. If only it was $ … less …
(Yes, I was just walking around, I don’t guarantee buying it right now. But if it’s below $ … then …)
This article, we have introduced to you how to pay for goods in English, this will certainly be useful knowledge for you, especially for those who love shopping. You can also refer to how to ask for time, ask your height, How to ask for quantities in English… in our other posts.


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