How to pay with a chip ATM card

A new chip ATM card has been issued to users, or those who do not have a card, just register to change with the bank such as changing Vietcombank ATM chip card, changing BIDV ATM chip card,… ATM chip cards will save and shorten the operation of performing interfaces such as withdrawing money or paying via card. We just need to put the chip on the face of the card to make the transaction quickly. The following article will guide you to pay with a chip ATM card.

Instructions to pay by ATM card with chip

With an ATM card with a chip, we can pay by 1-touch mechanism, that is, touching the chip face on the POS machine.

However, the store or service point must support payment by contactless card (Contactless) so we can make this payment. After touching the card face to the POS payment machine, you will hear a beep which means the transaction has been completed successfully.

Depending on the card type and transaction value, you may need to enter an additional card PIN or sign a confirmation on the card bill.

Note when paying via ATM card with chip:

  • In the process of using a chip-based ATM card to pay, you need to pay attention to a few points:
  • Make sure the card is always under your control.
  • Do not place the card in close proximity to contactless devices.
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent unintended contactless card transactions while the card is still in your card holder.
  • Regularly check the bank’s transaction notification messages to check the amount paid via card. At the same time, it is responsible to immediately notify the bank via Hotline 24/7 or the Bank’s branches/transaction offices when an unintended contactless card transaction occurs.


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