How to place and cancel orders on Tiki

Using the online shopping application on Tiki phones has become popular, no longer strange to many people today. The same is true for placing and canceling a Tiki order, the process of placing an order, changing an order, and even canceling an order are extremely simple on the phone even for first time users.

Maybe Tiki is one of the most popular and favorite online shopping applications to date. With the Tiki app, users can easily view, place and cancel Tiki orders quickly with reputable product quality, reasonable price, especially extremely quick delivery with Tiki Now.

How to buy Tiki and cancel Tiki orders

Tiki There are continuous promotions and offers for all types of customers, so the shopping option on Tiki is the right choice when you make online shopping. Currently, Tiki has a wide range of products and diverse types, you will surely be able to quickly buy your favorite items. Refer to ordering and deleting orders on Tiki if you participate in shopping with this application offline.

– Download Tiki for Android here.
– Download Tiki for iPhone here.

Instructions for placing and canceling orders on Tiki

1. How to order goods on Tiki

Step 1: If Tiki has not been installed on your phone, then download the app according to the download link above to install it on your phone. Then open the Tiki app on your phone. You guys should Create a Tiki account for better support.
Step 2: Enter the name of the item you want to buy Search box.
Step 3: Select and click on the item / merchandise you will buy.
Step 4: Then click the button Choose to buy.

show order on tiki

How to place an application on Tiki

Step 5: Next, click View cart.
Step 6: Then enter the product quantity and click Proceed to ordering. If not logged in Tiki will display the interface for you Log in to Tiki.
Step 7: Enter your full information including name, phone number, province and exact address -> then click Add new address.

How to shop on tiki

Shopping guide on Tiki

Step 8: Click the button Ship to this address.
Step 9: Select the form of payment then press Continue.
Step 10: Click on it Pay to complete your ordering process.

purchase leather goods on tiki

How to cancel a tiki order on your phone

2. How to cancel an order on Tiki

Step 1: If you want to cancel your order, click the account icon at the home page of the application.
Step 2: Click on the item Order management.
Step 3: Click on the order you want to cancel.

how to buy tiki on your phone

How to cancel an order on tiki

Step 4: Click on the button Cancel order.
Step 5: Then enter the reason you want to cancel the order, then click Agree.

How to donate goods on your mobile phone

How to cancel tiki orders quickly

Please note that if your order is already in the shipping state (that is, you have confirmed that the order is agreed to buy, the shipping party is shipping), then when deleting this order, you will not operate. Yes, if you need to cancel your order, you can ask the shipper to cancel your order.

The instructions above have just helped you know how Place and cancel orders on Tiki by installing the Tiki app on your phone. Users can also do the same when logging in Tiki with a web browser.
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