How to play 10-finger typing game “Warrior typing”

One of the good 10-finger typing games that would recommend today is the Typing Warrior game. Let’s play and practice typing with 10 fingers

As one of the top 10-finger typing games today, users will be able to experience many top-level 10-finger typing, besides improving the reflexes when typing 10 fingers in many other conditions. together.

The content of the 10-finger typing game Warrior is very simple, you will have to play the role of a warrior to destroy all dangerous enemies ahead by tapping 10 fingers quickly.

* Because this is a Flash Game, you should use browsers like Google Chrome or CocCoc browser for better support. Firefox will not support opening this flash game because Firefox has blocked and stopped supporting flash.
* Because it is a 10-finger typing game with English, you need to turn off the download of Unikey or Vietkey so that you do not have errors when typing.

How to play 10-finger typing game “Warrior typing”

The default is a flash game, so it takes some time to load the game. Then you press Play to start playing offline.

You will play as a warrior to destroy all the oncoming enemies. On the body of the enemy there are words, and you will have to enter the right words to destroy the enemy.

There are three levels to play from Easy (easy), thường (average) and Hard (difficult) for players to choose when starting the game. It is noteworthy that the 10-finger typing game Warrior has an Explode item that allows to explode all enemies ahead.

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The advantage is that the game allows Pause (Pause) the game, you just press the key combination Ctrl to pause, in which you can adjust the volume when playing games. You can see the score for each level of your play.
In addition, a very special feature that no 10-finger typing game has, it is to enter custom typing words (user-ordered) from 3-7 words. After entering, press Add Word to add to the list.


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