How to play League of mobile Garena on PC with BlueStacks

How to play League of Garena mobile on PC using BlueStacks? is a problem that many game players wonder when installing games on computers. Understanding this, will guide game play Mobile Union Garena below.

Another Hot game of Garena when releasing Lien Quan mobile for mobile devices in Vietnam. The way of playing Lien Quan mobile is quite similar to the game of League of Legends with traditional MOBA playing method.

How to play League mobile on pc with Bluestacks

In addition, the way to play League mobile garena is very similar in the selection of generals, with the number of free generals and the number of generals having to spend to play in the mobile Federation. Although this is a game for mobile devices, you can absolutely play Lien Lien mobile on pc with no small advantage, how to play Lien Lien mobile on the computer, let’s see the instructions immediately following.

How to play League mobile on pc with Bluestacks

Step 1: To play garena Liên Liên mobile computer you must have Bluestacks, Download Bluestacks here

Step 2: Once the installation of Bluestacks is finished, open and click on the icon CH Play Please.

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Step 3: Let us first search for mobile Federation by typing “related”In the search bar and select the corresponding results found.

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Step 4: To play Lien Quan mobile on your computer, please click Setting to start downloading the game.

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Step 5: But before downloading to play Lien Quan mobile on the computer, the system will ask you to confirm the content that the application is allowed, press Accept to continue the installation.

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Step 6: Finally, the system will alert you again before installing and playing Lien Lien mobile on pc, but this message does not matter because we are playing Lien Lien mobile on pc. So you just press Continue to start the game download process.

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Step 7: After downloading game Lien Quan mobile, the system will extract it. This stage will take about 1 minute and after 1 minute you can enter Lien Lien mobile game on the computer already.

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Step 8: Before entering a character or participating in a battle, you must be logged in to choose to play Lien Lien mobile on your computer through your account. Garena or play League of mobile mobie on pc via account Facebook.

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Because the way to play League of mobile garena on the computer is quite similar to League of Legends, you will have to choose a champion with unique skills for each match.

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Above has shown you how to play Union Mobile on computer, pc already. Hopefully this MOBA game will be the place to help you relieve stress best after hours of study and work. In addition to playing Lien Lien mobile, there is currently a very HOT game called VTC’s ambush mobile, if you like the FPS genre, you can refer to the article on how to play ambush on pc and follow the instructions.


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