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How to play live video on TalkTV with Xsplit


How to stream videos directly on TalkTV with XSplit, is like using Open Broadcaster to play videos on TalkTV. Follow these steps to share video games on TalkTV with

To share video games, or directly manipulate your games on TalkTV, we have a lot of software to support streaming screen computer, in addition to Xsplit also has Open Broadcaster. Speaking of efficiency, both XSplit and Open Broadcaster Each has its own advantages.

Previous article introduced you how live broadcast by Open Broadcaster on your computer and in this article, we will help you make how to play live video on TalkTV with Xsplit.

How to play live video on TalkTV with Xsplit

Download XSplit latest version about the machine

Download TalkTV to your computer: Download TalkTV

Then Install and Register Xsplit account.

Log into the Xsplit interface

Step 1: Select Add, Add Game —> select the Game you want to stream to TalkTV.

Step 2: Select the game frame you want to play.

Step 3: Create a channel to stream.

Select Broadcast -> Add Channels.

Step 4: Next select Add —> Custom RTMP.

Step 5: In Channel Properties.

– Name is the channel name.

– RTMP URL is the stream URL of TalkTV.

– Stream Name is the name of the registration channel of TalkTV Stream.

Then choose OK, got it to complete the customization

Step 6: Broadcast live to TalkTV

Tick ​​the Game you want to play.

Step 7: Click Broadcast, select TalkTV1 to start broadcasting.

So you’ve finished playing live video on TalkTV with Xsplit.
You can also use to stream on TalkTV with Open Broadcaster and try to compare the transfer rates of the top 2 software in streaming this screen video.



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