How to play map 8×8 in Rules of Survival

The 8×8 map launched not too long ago in the new update of Rules Of Survival. To play effectively this map requires not only skills but also some experience, combat tips again, refer to the instructions below.

This beautifully designed and large 8×8 map is truly the battlefield for all Rules Of Survival gamers

1. Choose an outfit

You should choose an outfit similar to the color of the surrounding scenery. That way you can deceive the enemy through disguise.

2. Standard skydiving

How to play the 8x8 map in game rules of survival 2

When the map is bigger with a capacity of 300 people, two aircraft in this mode will appear. Each 150 person carrying vehicle so skydiving is accurate and quick to land is a condition for you to have the opportunity to loot many items.

3. Choose good loot points

how to play map 8x8 in game rules of survival 3

Finding a place to loot is also an opportunity for you to win higher on the 8×8 map of Rules of Survival. Depending on the location, the amount of equipment and the number of enemies you meet will vary. This is also bad luck while playing Rules of Survival.

4. Adjust the most forehand setting

how to play map 8x8 in game rules of survival 4

The installation of the game Rules of Survival is also really important when you need to have high accuracy in killing opponents. If you do not master the installation in the game will greatly affect the accuracy in combat.×8-in-game-rules-of-survival-32827n.aspx
Fighting in the new map of Rules of Survival will be difficult for players. However, you should refer to the tips above for more combat experience. In addition, Rules of Survival are also full of luck in each game, so let’s fight hard. Besides, you should refer How to play Rules of Survival to climb the easiest way.


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