How to play Pokemon Go, catch detailed Pokemon from A to Z

How to play Pokemon Go, catch detailed Pokemon from A to Z

With the following article on how to play Pokemon Go from A to Z, this is believed to be a handbook for you to equip yourself before Pokemon Go opens worldwide in the end of July. Let’s learn how to play Pokemon Go on the phone from A to Z offline.

The mobile game market became more exciting again after Pokemon Go subsided after the launch of Super Mario Run, now iPhone users can download Super Mario Run and refer to how to play Mario to Achieve a lot of high, get many valuable items in the game.

To play Pokemon Go better
* How to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go
* Which Pokemon is the strongest in Pokemon Go?
* What are the CP and HP in Pokemon Go?
* How to earn PokeCoins, plowing money in Pokemon GO
* How to hatch Pokemon eggs, experience creating genuine Pokemon
* Pokédex, the jewels help play Pokemon Go better
* Tips to become a Pokemon master

Pokemon Go players can now use the GoChat app to connect to chat with other Pokemon Go players who are close to each other. Application GoChat was born to meet the needs of making friends of most gamers playing Pokemon Go in the world.

Pokemon Go is an attractive virtual reality game for all ages to relive childhood with cute and cute Pokemon Go animals, with this article you can learn more about how to play Pokemon Go , this brand new game.

How to play Pokemon Go, catch detailed Pokemon from A to Z

Since the release of the trial, Pokemon Fans have been constantly uploading images around the game, including in-game images and Pokemon Go. And these Pokemon Go images are quickly responded by many people on social networking sites.

Also you can find out how Pokemon Go has been detailed instructions in in how to post play Pokemon Go on the phone iPhone, Android. And here will continue with you to learn more about how to play Pokemon GO from A to Z offline

How to play Pokemon Go, catch detailed Pokemon from A to Z

To participate and how to play Pokemon Go we need to find out the following information:

1. Map

how to play pokemon go from me

At the beginning of the game we will take part in the adventure in the world of Pokemon, and when you move to a location, this location is in fact and this map is a different version of Google to match. with in game. On the map you have information such as, character names, Gym, PokéStops, pokemon appear around.

When you move characters in the game will also move according to the exact position of the player based on the GPS system.

Also on the screen will display other information such as:

– Avatar: Your character
– Player icon: In the left corner of the screen, gives information such as name, level. Clicking will know the basic information of the character.
– Backpacks: containing items such as PokeDex, medicine, Pokemon.
– PokeDex: A handbook of information about the Pokemon you have collected.
– Nearby Pokemon: Located in the right corner of the screen, this is where notifications notice Pokemon appear around the position you are standing.

2. Team

Pokemon Go has a similar function to the nation in other games. In the game there will be three main teams: Red Team (Pokemon Red), Blue Team (Pokemon Blue), Yellow Team (Pokemon Yellow). Joining any team does not affect the playing process.

This is also considered a first community in Pokemon Go

3. Pokemon

how to play pokemon go from me

Image Pokemon have been sticking to people for many years but the attraction from these Pokemon has always been strong. Currently in Pokemon Go version we have 151 Pokemon models corresponding to 151 first generation Pokemon.

Each region has a specific category of Pokemon suitable for the terrain there. Therefore, you should collect your favorite Pokemon in locations suitable for the characteristics of each species.

4. PokéStop

how to play pokemon go from me

PokéStop can be understood as a virtual store of the game, where we can collect in-game items such as medicine items, pokemon eggs (bought only in PokéStop to hatch Pokemon) and when in PokéStop range We will be able to challenge our knowledge by asking questions related to the Pokemon world. Correct answer we will be able to receive valuable rewards.

5. How to catch Pokemon

how to play pokemon go from me

Pokemon can appear anywhere on the way we collect these adorable animals. So you just need to open the app and search for places around you when you have free time, so you’ve really entered the Pokemon world.

Note: The appearance of Pokemon in one location will not disappear immediately when someone is captured. Players can catch the same Pokemon at a fixed location.

6. Evolution of Pokemon

how to play pokemon go from me

Unlike other popular Pokemon game series, each level up we have to train these comrades to a new level to perform the upgrade. But with Pokemon Go we do not need such evolution, you just need to collect copies of other Pokemon, and when there is enough fuel Candy (Candy) and star dust (Stardust) we will be able to upgrade Get Pokemon

7. Gyms

how to play pokemon go from me

Like PokéStop, Gym is also a real address that appears on the game map. Here players use their Pokemon to challenge other players. Each gym has its own color marked by Teams (red, green, yellow). When entering the gym with the couple we can choose to strengthen our Pokemon, and vice versa in the gym of the other team we will have to challenge to capture that gym.

8. Items

how to play pokemon go from me

Items are an indispensable item in every game, and so is Pokemon Go. These are all necessary items to use in the process of participating in the game. You will need PokeBall balls to use to catch Pokemon, or medicine to heal the Pokemon after each battle, revival medicine to wake up the Pokemon that have failed to fight.

Currently, in the current version (trial) players will be able to receive these items by the professor (Npc) daily and completely free. However, there will be a change when Pokemon Go released the official version.

9. Pokemon Eggs

how to play pokemon go from me

As mentioned above is a special item in this game. When entering each PokéStop, players will have excellent receive Pokemon eggs. With this egg we can hatch different types of pokemon. But starting the game you only have a single cage to conduct incubation only (you can also buy additional cages). And to get this Pokemon egg, the only way to say it is to PokéStop.

10. Level up the main character

how to play pokemon go from me

When participating in the game, there will be activities to accumulate experience as well as increase the level of your character. With the first level (5 levels) players can unlock Pokeballs with better quality (eg MegaBall) The higher the character level will help the process of training and using Pokemon better. . Please register yourself a Pokemon Go account to experience the uniqueness of the game, okay sign up for Pokemon Go, creating Pokemon Go account is also very simple and easy that you can manipulate in minutes.

In addition, the character level is also a criteria to have priority in the gyms of the team.

You can earn character points as follows:

– 100 XP for any Pokémon you catch.
– 500 XP if caught a new Pokémon.
– 10 XP for a nice catch (nice).
– 10 XP for an arc-shaped Pokéball pitch.
– 50 XP for a great catch (great).
– 50 XP for once going around a Pokéstops.

Above is a guide on how to play Pokemon Go from A to Z that sent to readers to be able to equip themselves with the knowledge before participating in the official version of Pokemon last July.

However, you also need to find out if your phone is a device that supports playing Pokemon Go or not? You can look up information Supporting devices for playing Pokemon Go in the article introduced to you.

Also you can find out the information needed to become a Pokemon Go master, you can refer to the article Pokemon Go master through 3 notes.

Pokemon Go currently supports users on Android and iOS devices, you can download with the following options:
Download Pokemon Go for iPhone: For iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8.0 or higher
Download Pokemon Go for Android: For Android devices such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo, … devices running Android OS 4.4 or higher

Although Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) users are not yet supported, you can experience it on your computer by the following.

Play Pokemon Go on the computer: Play Pokemon Go game on computers, PCs, and laptops by using emulation software.
Pokemon Masters is an interesting mobile game, available on Android and iOs promises to bring users an impressive, new fighting style. This game is not difficult to access if you already know how to play Pokemon Masters, you can learn from other gamers.


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