How to play Rules of Survival to climb the easiest way

As a tactical shooter, not only do you need good personal skills, but you also need to have the necessary calculations to be able to win high rankings in Rules Of Survival. The following reference article hopes to help you a little in climbing the Rules of Survival rank.

1. Flexible operation

Of course this is essential in any tactical role-playing game. With Rules of Survival, it is even more necessary when the game enhances its skills and a calculated calculation. The flexible control of keys (on your phone or PC keyboard) gives you a faster playing speed, more flexible improvisation.

This is not up to date either or you’re familiar with a genre like Rules of Survival. To get to the highest level, the most important thing is to practice every day.

2. Choose the location of skydiving

This is also something that any Rules of Survival gamers should keep in mind. The ideal parachute location will give you the equipment and weapons needed to fight. Having fast equipment saves you time to find other opponents quickly.

how to play rules of survival to climb top 2

However, it should be noted that it is the places with the most delicious things in Rules of Survival that are the places with the most people to dispute – an understandable thing. So you have to bet on luck in every loot point search.

3. Close the door when entering the house

how to play rules of survival to climb top 3

This may seem like a small thing, but it is quite important when you join the Rules of Survival game in finding items. You should close the door after entering the house to find things to avoid the enemy’s gaze. Moreover, when someone comes to the footsteps or the opening of the door will also make a sound for you to be alert and defensive.

If possible, you should enter through a window to avoid being detected by the enemy, and you can defeat the enemy if lucky.

how to play rules of survival to climb top 4

Maybe each person has different experiences to play and the above notes are for reference only. Gamers with their experience will have wiser solutions.

Rules of Survival supports both Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, if you play on a computer, the first thing to do is to set up and create a gaming account, refer to how create Rules of Survival playing account here


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