How to play Scream Go Hero game on phone

How to play Scream Go Hero game on phone

Scream Go Hero is an extremely good platformer game. The game is challenging in that you control the character with your voice. Adjusting the right voice volume is the key to success so you can get your Scream Go Hero hero as far as possible, but it’s not enough. You should combine it with the following way of playing the Scream Go Hero game shared by

During the game experience, scream to control the character Scream Go Hero, has pulled out some useful gaming tips that you can apply, to lead your hero as far as possible in an endless journey of jumping across platforms and setting records. score record.

Instructions to play Scream Go Hero most effectively

Article Table of Contents:
1. Grant Scream Go Hero microphone access.
2. Determine the minimum walking speed and maximum jumping force.
3. Adjust the sensitivity.
4. Play the game in a quiet place.
5. Watch ads to continue the journey.

How to play Scream Go Hero game

Access the link to download Scream Go Hero for your phone:
– Load Scream Go Hero for iPhone
– Load Scream Go Hero for Android

1. Grant Scream Go Hero Microphone Access

This may not sound like a great trick to play Scream Go Hero, but you are required to give access to Scream Go Hero. Otherwise, you will not be able to play the game. Simply because you do not control the character with buttons but with your own voice.

2. Determine minimum walking speed and maximum jumping force

The movement of the character is completely based on the volume of the sound you make. For example, when you speak fast, the character will move fast and vice versa. To jump over obstacles, you need to sound loud and decisive. Overall, the pitch of your voice determines your score in Scream Go Hero.

how to play scream go hero game

3. Adjust the sensitivity

Sensitivity is also a factor that determines how much control you have over the character. While the default sensitivity may already be good enough, try changing the sensitivity settings so that the microphone picks up more or less sound and maybe you’ll find a sensitivity that works better for you than the following. default.

4. Play games in a quiet place

Certainly Scream Go Hero is not an ideal game to play in a crowded place like on a bus. Mostly the people next to you might think you’re not “normal” when they see you constantly screaming into your phone, but also because there’s a good chance that background noise will keep you from playing the game.

Scream go hero game for everyone

5. Watch ads to continue the journey

The Scream Go Hero tips shared by above won’t make the game any easier. Despite your best efforts and being as careful as possible, you can still “miss your mouth” and make your hero “fall into the hole”. As a result, you have to start over from the beginning. In case you’ve just hit a few points, you’ll happily start over, but what if you’ve already passed 100? For sure, you will feel gut-wrenching. Every time you die, Scream Go Hero will give you the option to watch an ad to continue playing. However, you have to decide quickly because the game won’t give you too much time to think.

Scream Go Hero is a good game, but has the ability to make you explode because it is too difficult. However, the more you play, the more you improve, or here you should say “up your mouth” because you will know when to “talk loudly” and when to speak softly to protect your life. his character. Hopefully the Scream Go Hero game guide in the article will help you in your journey to set a score record.
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