How to play Thien Dia Chi Ton on PC

How to play Thien Dia Chi Ton on PC

Thien Dia Chi Ton is a swordplay role-playing game officially released by VTC Mobile in Vietnam on June 21. The game is launched on Android and iOS platforms. But you can also play mobile games on your computer through the emulator with very simple operation.

Continuing VTC Mobile launches a new role-playing mobile game product named Thien Dia Chi Ton. Game Thien Dia Chi Ton is a product released in Vietnam on June 19 for iOS and Android platforms. You can play games on popular models like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, HTC … for you to experience true and vivid. However, gamers can also play this game on a computer via a PC emulator like Bluestacks. Here we guide how to make gaming on Bluestacks simple and fast.

Download Thiên Dia Chí Tôn and play on your computer via Bluestacks

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To play Thien Dia Chi Ton on Bluestacks, you need this emulator. If you do not have a Bluestacks computer emulation application, you can refer to our tutorial and how to download Bluestacks here. The implementation of downloading and installing the Bluestacks emulator does not take too much time.

Instructions on how to play Thien Dia Chi Ton on PC

Step 1 : On your main Bluestacks screen type the word “thien dia chi ton” in the search bar and click on the magnifying glass icon to find the game.

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Step 2 : In a split second, you’ll see the first result is the game Thien Dia Chi Ton. You click the game to enter the game download interface to your computer in the Google Play Store app store.

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Step 3 : Then you click Select Install to install the game. Downloading game data to your computer will not take long because the capacity is not too large. You wait patiently for a few seconds.

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VTC Mobile’s game is quite light so the download is extremely fast. Immediately you have game data in your computer and ready to boot.

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Step 4: After installing the game Thien Dia Chi Ton you proceed to open the game by pressing Open to boot the system. The game will automatically check the resources and update you with the latest version.

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After completing the update for gamers playing role-playing games for VTC Mobile on PC, an account is required. The game has the account type to choose from is Play Now, Facebook or Game Account (register with Gmail). You can register for a Gmail account, create a password, and get into the game quickly. Gamers can also use their Facebook account as long as you stay logged in is also very easy to enter the game. You can actually use the Play Now account type to enter the game immediately.

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Step 5 : You press the button Enter the Game to play. After selecting the team name, badge, symbol and server choice gamers can play Thien Dia Chi Ton.

Some unique features that gamers expect to experience in the game Thien Dia Chi Ton:

– Although only limited selection of 2 character classes are Cuong Đao and Kiếm Cơ but in return, shaping extremely beautiful sects combined with monumental skill effects. Each character class will bring other interesting experiences that you did not expect.

– Varied mounts with cool styling. You can level up, change equipment for mounts to increase combat ability and beautiful appearance.

– Wings help characters in the game not only beautiful appearance attracts all eyes, but also helps the owner significantly increase the battle power and buff extra valuable attributes.

– Fashion feature is also one of the most noticeable points in Thien Dia Chi Ton when there are many costumes designed with martial arts in ancient style. You can buy in the store or participate in activities to earn.

Experience Thien Dia Chi Ton, gamers are living with a passionate atmosphere in battle teams, guilds, inter-server battles and become true masters of martial arts. Many exciting PK-rich fighting activities in the game of VTC Mobile are the passion of the majority of players, join now.

Some prominent ingame images in Thien Dia Chi Ton

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Along with the official launch of the game Thien Dia Chi Ton, the publisher gave players a lot of terrible game code. You can follow our tutorial related to Thien Dia Chi Ton code to have more useful information. Game code will be sent to players via ingame mailbox.

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