How to play wifi from an Android phone to a laptop, register wifi on the phone

How to broadcast wifi from your Android phone is one of the very useful solutions to help you just have the network to watch movies, surf the web and save you money. If you do not know how to generate wifi from an Android phone to a laptop, you can refer to the following article.

Whether it is wired or wireless, it must be a fixed network. This means you cannot carry these network packets with you on the go. Using wifi, you should set a wifi password for your modem or phone and should regularly change the wifi password with different characters for more security.

When traveling, on business trips, or when your network suddenly breaks down, you will have to find another type of network. The type of mobile network that allows you to access the Internet anywhere, and anytime. So if you have an Android phone with a pre-registered 3G plan, you can broadcast wifi from Android phone to laptop to unleash Internet access.

Before going into the article, readers need to check the 3G package and follow the steps below to know how to play wifi from Android phones.

Broadcast wifi from Android phone to laptop

Note: On the phone, you must register a 3G package. If you use 3G spontaneously, the money in your account will certainly be lost quickly. In addition, the settings of each phone are different, so when referencing the illustration, the function name and location may not be 100% accurate.
Step 1: On the phone to enter Setting, then select Internet & Network access points.

Step 2: Click on the option Wi-Fi hotspot.

turn wifi android phone to laptop

Step 3: Fill in the required system information. Note some of the following.

SSID network: Is the wifi name will appear on the computer.
Security: Password protection mechanism. Usually we choose WPA2 PSK.
Password: Choose a password for wi-fi, requires over 8 characters.

Next choose Save.

turn wifi android phone to laptop

Step 4: If you want to set the wi-fi time to turn off when no one is connected, Click Timeout and select the desired time.

turn wifi android to laptop don time

Step 5: Finally turn on wifi by flipping the bar to green, then select Have To confirm.

wifi wifi from Android phone, WiFi from Android to laptop

Step 6: On the computer access to the initialized wifi network on Android phones.

turn wifi android phone to laptop

So you have successfully transmitted wifi from Android phone to laptop already. From next time, you only need to enable this function to connect, not fill in information like this article again. You can also refer to wifi playback without using software on Windows 7 if you want to play wifi on your computer.


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