How to play Wifi on Laptop by Connectify

How to play Wifi on Laptop by Connectify

Broadcasting on a laptop with connectify allows you to share your network with other devices that can connect to wifi. Here are instructions on how to broadcast wifi on a laptop with Connectify to help you easily share wifi with everyone.

Currently, there are many software for transmitting wifi on laptops. Out Connectify, including software like MyPublicWiFi or Maryfi. Inside, MyPublicWiFi support wifi playback and anyone near your location can also access the Internet easily via wireless sharing network from computer. No matter what software or wifi device you use, changing the wifi password regularly will help you secure the secure data in your computer. on the laptop you refer to offline

Guide to broadcast wifi on laptop by Connectify

Connectify is familiar to the majority of laptop users, but not everyone knows how to play Connectify Wifi, especially those who have just heard of it and want to try it on laptops. The following article, will guide you how to use this utility to turn a laptop into an effective Wifi transmitter.

How to play Wifi on a laptop with Connectify

Download and install the latest version of Connectify

Step 1: Proceed Install Connectify on your computer
After installation is complete, open the program by clicking on the icon available on the Desktop.

install wifi on connectify state laptop

Step 2: In the Connectify interface, select the tab Setting

connect wifi on laptop by connectify state

Set the following parameters:

* Set name and password for Wifi signal.

Hostpot Name: Enter the name of the Wifi signal to distinguish your signal and that of others. Note: follow the name “Connectify – device name”.
Password: Enter a password to restrict unwanted access.

connect wifi connectify

* Internet to Share: The manufacturer allows you to freely choose the device to connect the input to broadcast Wifi signal.

Atheros AR8152…: If the laptop is using a network cable, you can select this mode.
WIFI: Laptop using Wifi /

* At the frame Advanced Settings (advanced settings): this item is best left to default or change as instructed below.

Share Over: Share signal by Wifi signal or network line.

Sharing Mode: Select the security mode for your Wifi signal.

+ Wifi Access Point, Encryted (WPA2): Advanced security mode.
+ Wifi Ad-Hoc, Open: Medium security mode.
+ Wifi Ad-Hoc, Encryted (WEP): Low security mode.

Step 3: After setting the parameters, click Start Hotspot to start signaling

connect wifi with connectify

When you want to turn off Wifi signal from your laptop, click Stop Hotspot to close the program.

With the way to broadcast Wifi on Laptop by Connectify, this will help you to transmit wifi without using specialized equipment such as modems, routers to play. Because of this convenience, Connectify is loved by many users.

In addition, you absolutely can Wifi play with MyPublicWiFi introduced in previous articles.MyPublicWifi has a fast wifi speed, which is not inferior to Connectify.

Another software that is also used by many people is Marify. Broadcast wifi with Marify It is also a very effective way for those who do not know much about computers so the installation is quite easier with Connectify.


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