How to plot stacked columns with Excel

How to chart a superimposed column chart with Excel helps you to visualize data, so that viewers have a more intuitive view of the content you want to show. If you do not know how to draw this in Excel, please refer to the steps in this article of

Stacked column chart also known as stacked bar graphs, as well as their names, they are drawn into stacked value columns. In a stacked column chart, adjacent pieces of data (for the case of a horizontal bar) or overlap (for the case of a vertical bar, also called a column). Users can draw bar graphs of Excel even Draw a stacked column chart in Excel Use the same color bar or the same symbols to represent the same composition but the value will be different, and allow users to see changes in a range of data and where they occur.

Stacked column chart on Excel

Instructions for drawing the stacked column chart with Excel

Step 1: To create a stacked column chart, you first need to create a data table or open the data that you have already created. You can use Excel 2016 either Excel 2019 to open.

Step 2: Suppose you have a table of student scores as shown in the image below, since the data of the same category is scores, you can combine one column and make it overlapping.

how to show excel by excel 2

Step 3: Go to the menu Insert On the toolbar, you find the item Charts. Section Charts Includes functions for inserting different chart types into your Excel file.

Because we need to insert the bar graph, we click on the column icon Insert Column or Bar Chart in the section Chart.

how to show excel by excel 3

There will be many types of column charts that you can use, 2D column chart types, and 3D column chart types.

In each form, there are chart types that represent figures and chart types%. You will be given a preview of the legend and a temporary display of these charts when you click the icon for the chart.

how to show excel by excel 4

Step 4: When you select the chart you want, the chart will be inserted above the content file of Excel. And the current stacked column chart is just a stub, next you need to adjust to fit the shape you want.

how to show excel by excel 5

The fastest way for you to adjust the format and composition of the stacked column chart -> you can do it right at the navigation buttons just to the right of the chart. You can use it to add different elements to the chart, assuming the image below when you add tick marks. Data Labels -> immediately the specific data of the stacked column array will be displayed immediately on the column.

how to show excel by excel 6

Alternatively, you can use the two chart-specific functions Chart Design and Chart Format. You can change different formats, such as Style of the stacked column chart in Chart Design.

how to show excel by excel 7

Step 5: You change the color for the arrays of columns that overlap in Change Colors as described in the image below. When you enter, you will see many different color schemes to choose from.

how to show excel by excel 8

In addition, there is Add Chart Element for you to add different elements to the chart. As the example below when you add Data Table then you can create more data tables just below the graph.

how to show excel by excel 9

Step 6: If you want to change another stacked column chart type, click the icon Change Chart Type as described in the image below:

how to show excel by excel 10

Step 7: Display Change Chart Type There are many different types of stacked bar charts for you to view and choose to change. There will be 2D and 3D formats, you can also preview images in the Preview section below. When the selection is complete, click OK, got it to change.

ways to show excel by excel 11

The end result is that you get the correct bar chart according to what you want:

ways to show excel by excel 12
So you’ve just finished the way draw a stacked column chart with Excel and that. The steps for you to perform quite simple is not it! Hopefully, through this tutorial, users will easily and quickly finish their work when they want to display an Excel data table into a stacked column chart. Also if you do not know how to draw a circle, refer to the tutorial Draw pie chart in Excel here.


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