How to post a Facebook Story on a computer

In addition to posting Facebook Stories on phones, we can now post Facebook Stories on computers, with a number of different post types to choose from. You can choose to create a Facebook story on your computer as an image, or create a text message, similar to the Facebook application. However, when you post a Facebook Story from a computer, there will not be many editing options such as inserting music into photos on Facebook. The following article will guide you to post a Facebook Story from your computer.

Instructions for posting Facebook Story on PC

Step 1:

At the interface on Facebook on your computer Click on Create story as shown below.

Step 2:

Switching to the new interface, you will see the option to post Story including posting photos or text messages.

Choose the type of Facebook message creation

Step 3:

To create a photo message on Facebook on your computer, click on photo news section already Select the image you want to post on Facebook

Then you will Click on the image to crop or rotate the image.

Crop photos to post Facebook messages

Now we can zoom in or out of the image, or rotate the image if we want. Note, the image is automatically cropped vertically as shown below.

Edit Facebook news

Step 4:

After cropping the image, click on Add text to add content to the image.

Add text to Facebook photo

Now you will see the option to enter neat or soft text, choose a color for the text. After entering, click outside to adjust the text.

Enter text for Facebook photos

You use the mouse to adjust the text frame to enlarge or reduce the text and adjust the display position of the text.

Adjust position for text in Facebook photos

Step 5:

After you have finished adjusting, click Share to news is to be. Soon the posted content will be shared to your Facebook Story.

Post Facebook PC

Step 6:

In case you Create a text Facebook message there will be more background options. The text to choose to enter also has many for you to use to enter text posted to Story Facebook on your computer.

Post Facebook PC

Video tutorial for posting Facebook Story on computer


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