How to post large text Facebook in a Facebook group

Tips for large Facebook posts in Facebook group is one of the tips that many people are interested in, but few people know exactly how to work, the following article will be a specific guide to help you answer. on this issue.

Most users know that in order to post in large letters on Facebook, you need to write shorter content, namely from 35 to 80 characters. However, if you want to write longer paragraphs with larger fonts, then you need to use a different method and only apply when post in Facebook group by computer.

How to post large text Facebook in a Facebook group

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Specific instructions on how to post large Facebook posts in Facebook group will be detailed by Taimienphi with specific illustrations right in the following content.

How to post large text Facebook in a Facebook group

Step 1: First, open your browser and log in to your account. Then continue to access your group on Facebook;

Step 2: In the Facebook group window, click on the dialog box and enter the content of the article as usual.

how to show facebook to big facebook 2

Step 3: Next up, you Highlight content want to change the size to large text. Left click to enter special symbol appears on the left of the content. If selected H1 or H2 optional;

how to show facebook to facebook group 3

Step 4: Besides increasing the font size, when highlighting content, Facebook also provides tools to help beautify the text. Right-click to enter the icon B to Bold content or logo I to italicized .

how to show facebook facebook in facebook 4

After completing the editing, the article content will be displayed in the group as shown below.

how to show facebook to facebook group 5
With the simple tip that Taimienphi has just instructed, your article will be beautifully presented, making it more impressive and professional in the eyes of readers. However, the custom feature to Large text Facebook post Currently only applied in group Facebook and can only be used on computer browsers. Hopefully in the near future, Facebook will continue to develop this feature for personal Facebook or Fanpage. In addition, you guys refer to the way Facebook post with unique typeface here.


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