How to pre-register to play Battlefield Mobile on Android phones

Like Call of Duty Mobile, the super cool shooter Battlefield has also started releasing test versions specifically for Android and iOS. In order not to waste your readers’ time, Taimienphi will guide you on how to pre-register for Battlefield Mobile with just a few taps.

Currently NPH EA only allows users Battlefield Mobile pre-registration on Android in Indonesia and Philippines, not yet on iOS. If you are interested in playing Battlefield Mobile, please follow the steps below.

Pre-register & Download Battlefield Mobile

Instructions for pre-registration of Battlefield Mobile

Step 1: Clear cache and data on your phone
– First you enter Settings => choose Application => Application management => Google Play Store => Storage => Delete data and Clear cache on the phone.

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Step 2: Sign up for a new Google Play (CH Play) account
– Open CH Play on the phone, click Avatar =>reverse arrow =>Add another account =>Google and create Create a new account (refer to the instructions below if you don’t know how to do it).

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Step 3: Transfer Google Play account on the phone.
– After successful registration, you choose Avatar => click reverse arrow again and change to new account.

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Step 4: Download Kiwi VPN to transfer IP to Indonesia
– Next to you Download the Kiwi VPN app via the link below
+ Link to download Android version: Kiwi VPN for Android
– Open Kiwi VPN, choose Optimal Location => Singapore => Connection.

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Step 5: Register to play Battlefield Mobile first
– Access the link HERE and press Pre-registration => choose Install when the app is released load new table appears. When the game launches, you will receive a notification from the publisher and the game will ask to install on your phone.

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Experience unparalleled strategic gameplay in the first-person shooter Battlefield Mobile, released as a free-to-play game and monetized through the sale of Battle Passes, items, and exclusive gear other rights.

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