How to press the network cable to connect 2 switches

For companies or systems that press networks between switches, routers are important because they greatly affect the network connection in the system. The following guide will help you to press the network cable to connect 2 switches with pliers to ensure connectivity.

For those of you who don’t want to dig deep into network cables, you probably won’t care about how the network cable is clicked, but for those who do, the network is really important and Press the network cable incorrectly This will cause some computers in the system to be frequently lagged, suspended or even coincided with IP.

If you are a system employee, this is a mandatory task you must know. But that said does not mean that people who are not related to the network need not know when this is still a standard that helps you optimize the network speed through standard cable pressing. And right now will guide you how to press network cable to connect 2 switches most accurate offline.

How to press the network cable to connect 2 switches

Step 1: Before proceeding with network switches to connect 2 switches, first you need to prepare a full set of equipment including network cable pliers, knife cutters, RJ network nut (common type) and 100m cable type 4 strands (4 pairs) 8 strands).

How to talk about 2 switches 2

Step 2: Proceed using a knife or scissors to cut off the shell of the network cord.

how to say 2 switches 3

Step 3: Right after being separated we are 8 wires divided into 4 pairs, now you proceed to create them.

How to make a switch with 2 switches 4

Step 4: If the network has few computers connected, or simply one or two computers, then you can divide them in pairs.

How to make a switch with 2 switches 5

Step 5: But if this is a system for a company with multiple switches, then you need to follow the T658B standard, cross-over cable

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– Refer to the T568B form below and change the color to the correct position as shown below.

how to say 2 switches 7

Step 6: Cut trim after adjusting the wires to the standard.

By installing 2 switches 8

Step 7: Slowly insert the ends of the wires into the RJ 45 network nut and use the pliers to press the network to fix the wires into the network beads.

How to make a switch with 2 switches 9

Step 8: Now that we have finished pressing the network cable connecting the two switches, your connection will be smooth, without any problems when using.

How to make a switch with 2 switches 10

Above are all the operations to press the network cable to connect 2 or more switches, through the article on bnaj can be applied to perform network wiring without having to buy the available wires or asking a clicker at a high price. 2, 3 times normal. In addition, you can refer to how to fix wifi exclamation error when connecting to the network cable as well as when capturing wifi, wifi exclamation error occurs frequently with places where many computers share a network connection.

And any questions during the process of making network switches connecting 2 readers can send their questions to right here. We will reply to you as soon as possible.
In addition, if you do not have difficulty in pressing standard 4 network cable without connecting to the internet successfully, you can refer to how to click standard 4-wire network cable that Taimienphi has introduced for better results.


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