How to prevent others from peeking from Messenger messages

How to prevent others from peeking from Messenger messages

How to prevent peeking Messenger messages, keep your personal information safe from those who are curious when you use Facebook in public, the answer to this question will be answered by Taimienphi right in content below.

To prevent others from peeking at the message Messenger on a computer browser, usually users need to equip additional hardware devices such as anti-peeking stickers. Despite its obvious effectiveness, it’s hard for users to feel secure that their content cannot be peeked.

How to prevent others from peeking from Messenger messages

Understanding this, today Taimienphi will share with you another way for others not to see, block peeking Messenger messages, enhance security even further with the Protect message tool.

How to prevent peeking Messenger messages

First, users need to download Protect message to the device and install. Protect message is one Extension (Gadget) works on browser platform Chrome and provided free in the Google app market. Or you can click the link to quickly download the utility.
– Download the Protect message utility here: Download Protect message

After the Protect message utility has been installed, Browser, left-click on the Protect message utility icon on the menu bar. Here, you drag the slider to the right at the item Turn on extension to activate.

In the section Effect (Effects), Protect message provides users with 2 installation options.
Blur : Blur the content displayed.
Flip mirror : Reverse the display of content.

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Once activated, Protect message will automatically apply one of these two effects on Messenger. To view the content of the message, just hover over the conversation window. When you hover the mouse out of the conversation window, the message will be reversed or blurred again.

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Alternatively, users can click on the line Component options to choose to apply the effect on which part of the chat window.
Avatar: Apply effects on avatars.
Name: Apply effects to the name of the person you are talking to.
Message: Use effects on message content.
Other: Apply effects on other details.

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With the Protect message tool, the content of your messages will always be carefully protected from the eyes of prying people and only displayed for readers to read when necessary. In addition, you refer more How to view removed messages on Messenger here.


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