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How to prevent tracking Email on Google Chrome


Some emails sent to your Gmail may be monitored, but users cannot detect it in the usual way. To prevent tracking Email on Google Chrome, detect the Email being tracked to delete you need to follow the way to prevent Email tracking on Google Chrome.

In previous articles, has instructed you how to detect computers and email being monitored or not. This trick is needed when you use your computer, Email to exchange important work and personal information. Regularly checking to detect monitored computers or monitored email does not help you be more proactive in preventing leakage of personal and work information. On Email, we also have a tip to support this work in the browser Google Chrome. Using Ugly Email Add-ons you will know which Email is being monitored right in the interface Gmail. Right now, you and start blocking Email tracking on Google Chrome with Ugly Email.

How to prevent tracking Email on Google Chrome

Download Ugly Email here: Download Ugly Email

Step 1: Go to the address above and download Ugly Email. You press Add to Chrome to add this extension to Google Chrome. The Ugly Email utility is an effective tool on Google Chrome that helps users distinguish and prevent email tracking.

How to follow emails on google chrome

Step 2: Press Add gadgets for Google Chrome to start downloading and installing Ugly Email.

How to follow emails on google chrome 2

Step 3 : After installing Ugly Email, immediately a new tab to access your Gmail will appear. Your Gmail account, if stored in Google Chrome, is automatically logged in.

How to follow emails on google chrome 3

Step 4: The Ugly Email eye icon also appears in the upper right corner of the browser. You can click this icon to go to add-ons settings in Google Chrome.

How to follow emails on google chrome 4

Step 5: To know which Emails are being tracked on Google Chrome, just go to Email and pay attention to what emails have Eye icon at the first.

How to follow emails on google chrome 5

After distinguishing the tracked Email with Ugly Email, users can choose to delete those Emails to protect themselves from the tracking. The monitored email can also be harmless, usually some emails such as waiting for registration, approval … are also monitored to wait for you to confirm the email.

Conversely, you can monitor your computer when you’re not around. This trick should apply when you share a PC or laptop with other people or lend them your computer. If you are concerned about others accessing your important files or information, you should set it monitor your computer when you’re not around. With a simple command, when you turn on the computer will know the whole process of how other people access, use your computer, to which folders and files on the computer. Of course, the procedure to monitor your computer when you are absent is quite negative, to prevent and protect the computer you should limit to strangers who do not trust using a laptop.
Gmail is currently the largest email service in the world today, when signing up for gmail, you can send and receive emails with your relatives, friends, colleagues, how to sign up for gmail is very simple, just with Some steps are for you to own gmail account to use Google services.



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