How to preview posts on WordPress

When creating a new post, you can preview the post on WordPress to see how the post looks or if you need to edit or add any additional content. This article will show you how to preview articles on WordPress

By previewing a post on WordPress before publishing, you can easily spot spelling errors or can read through the content of the article to see if it needs any correction or not, if any, you will advance. onions edit post on WordPress. Refer to the following article to know how Post preview on WordPress Please.

How to preview posts on WordPress

Follow the steps below to preview your post on WordPress:

Step 1: On the WordPress interface, click Posts =>All Posts.

how to see first lesson on wordpress 2

Step 2: On the new screen will display a list of the posts you have created, in this example Post1. When you hover over an article, you will see several options displayed under the article name. Click on the option View as in the screenshot below:

How to see previous posts on wordpress 3

Or you can view the article directly during the editing process or add it by clicking Preview button as shown below:

How to see previous posts on wordpress 4

Step 3: Finally, you can view the post that you created by clicking on it View button or Preview.

How to see previous posts on wordpress 5

So the article above has just shown you how to preview the article on WordPress. Also if your website loads slowly, you can apply some tricks Optimize speed for WordPress to increase page load speed, is more appreciated offline.
WordPress directories are also important, it’s a place where your readers can find great articles, so the proper arrangement of WordPress categories depends on your web structure. WordPress directory arrangement For more details.


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