How to print Excel 2010, 2007, 2003, 2013, 2016

How to print Excel 2010, 2007, 2003, 2013, 2016

Printing is an indispensable part for office workers, especially for those who use Word and Excel when they need to send or submit reports and when printing Excel with their statistics. Let learn how to Print in Excel 2010, 2016, 2013, 2019, 2007 and 2003 to see if there are any differences between versions or not and the most important thing is to guide you how to print.

Microsoft Excel is an office application that makes calculation work simpler, especially for accountants. During use, you should grasp and master the shortcut in excel for better use. Excel supports you a lot in printing a payroll, calculating jobs with many trigonometric functions and math to reduce operations and calculation time. Printing Excel is a way for us to create a math problem, payroll more quickly and logically

How to print in Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Table of Contents:
1. How to print in Excel 2010 and 2007.
2. Print Excel in Ofice 2003.
3. Print Excel in Office 2007.
4. Print Excel Office 2016.


1. How to print in Excel 2010 and 2007
Because the Excel interface of both versions is quite similar, especially the same print feature, the instructions below will be used on Excel 2010 but those who use the 2007 version can follow.
Step 1: To get to the print section in Excel we need to click File on the menu bar.

How to print in Excel 2010
Step 2: File menu interface appears, to print in Excel 2010 we just need to click Print section, here are full of items you can choose from, like:
Printer: Select the printer.
Printer properties: Select advanced options for the printer.
Print Active Sheets: Select sheets to print individually or on purpose.
Print One Sided: Select printing mode, single or side.
Collated: Print in the preset order.
Portrai Orientation: Horizontal or vertical printing, the default is vertical printing.
A4: Select a paper size to print.
Normal Margins: Align the text before printing.
No Scaling: Choose to zoom in and out when printing in Excel.

How to print in Excel 2010
Also in Printer properties We can set many more parameters. However, this is a printer specification, and each printer type will have different settings. Therefore to set up in this you also need to understand a little about the printer.

How to print in Excel 2010
Or not, we have another choice Page Setup Located at the bottom, here you will adjust some functions that right outside already.

How to print in Excel 2010
From paper sizes to detailed indents, of course the outside printing has provided you with all these tools.

How to print in Excel 2010

2. Print Excel in Ofice 2003

Step 1: On the Menu bar, select File => Frint to open excel print window

Step 2: Click on Properties to set the text before printing

Step 3: In the card Layout, you have the following settings:

– Portrait: Rotate the portrait paper size when printing
– Landscape: Rotate the paper width horizontally when printing
– Page size: Paper size when printing
– Custom Page Size: Manually adjust the paper size to your liking

Step 4: You click Ok, got it to confirm setup

Step 5: Finally click OK, got it to start printing

how to print excel

3. Print Excel in Office 2007

The printing steps in Excel 2003 and 2007 are the same and the only difference in step 1 is the opening of the Print file, you can refer to the steps performed in Excel 2003 above.

– Open the file printer, select Microsoft icon => Print => Print to open the PRINT file

4. Print Excel Office 2016

To be able to set up and print in Excel, of course you need an office suite Office 2016 or other versions of Office are always available on Taimienphi and your computer is connected to the printer is still working fine

Step 1: On the application window Microsoft Excel, Selection File to pop out worksheet options

Step 2: Choose Print to set up printing in Excel

in excel

Step 3: There are computer settings, print pages, … But choose first Page Setup to set up how to print Excel text

print excel file

Step 4: On the tab Page of the Page Setup window you have the settings:

Orientation : Set orientation of printed pages with Portrait in Portrait and Landscape in Horizontal
Scaling : Set the print page size with Adjust to print in percent and Fit to print in width and width
Paper Size : Select the paper size according to the drop-down list
Print Quality : Quality and sharpness of the print (higher quality dpi)
First page number : Page numbering

print excel excel

Step 5: tab Margins There are custom page alignment Print in Excel Compared with the positions Top, Bottom, Right, Left (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) and Header, Footer is the header margin, footer margin

in excel

Instructions to print excel directly on your computer

Step 6: You can select the content displayed in the header and footer at Header / Footer tab
At the drop down menu Header, you can select what appears at the top of the page
At the drop down menu Footer, you can choose what shows up in the footer
To customize the content as you want at the footer or header, choose Custom Header or Custom Footer …

print excel sheet

Print Excel text on a PC

Left section: Enter data to appear in the left margin of the header or footer
Center section: Enter data to appear in the middle of the header or footer
Right section: Enter data to appear in the right margin of the header or footer

In addition, you also have options such as:
Format font: Change the font, text, and style of the highlighted paragraph.
Page number: Insert page numbers on each page.
Number of pages: Use page numbering to create a series of pages from pages 1 to 15.
Date: Include the current date.
Time: Include the current time.
File path: Add the path name (file location).
File name: Add names to the workbook file.
Tab name: Add names to the worksheet tab.
Insert picture: Insert photos.
Format picture: Format image inserted.

Print at Excel documents

Print Excel file on laptop

Step 7: At the Sheet tab, you can set up the worksheet as print area, page order, etc.

Print area: Enter the worksheet you want to print
Rows to repeat at top: Click on the icon to the right of the box and drag the line you want to repeat at the top of the page. This way, that line will appear on every sheet
Columns to repeat at left: Click the icon to the right of the box and drag the column you want to repeat to the left of the page. This way, when printed, the left column appears on every sheet
Elements that will print: Check the boxes in the Print section if desired. For example, Gridlines (including grid prints), Black and White (black and white prints), Draft Quality (trial print quality), Row and Column Headings (print headings and columns)
Page order: In the Page order section, select Down, then over or Over, then down. You will see this effect when the data in the worksheet is insufficient for one printed page

print in excel

Step 8: After you have set up printing in Excel, return to the Print section to go to print with the following sections

Printer : Select a printer to print
Print Active Sheets : Print the current workbook by default setting or you can print the whole workbook
Pages : Select page to print, leave blank if you want to print all, enter first page number and last page number if you want to print a certain number of pages
Collated : Specify the number of copies to print in Excel
And the settings below are already set in Page Setup so do not pay attention. You can then click Print to begin printing according to the settings

excel printing
So Taimienphi has instructed you to set up the settings, print Excel to help you quickly get acquainted with this leading office productivity calculator. For proficient use of Microsoft Excel could not help but grasp how typing off in Excelor Excel has supported you to calculate very quickly but with 7 Excel tips will help you calculate even faster.


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