How to Print odd and even pages in Word, Excel, and PDF

Do you know how to print odd or even pages in Word, Excel and even PDF files? Knowing print tips like this will save you money instead of having to print the entire pages contained in the file, then we only need to print pages with blank or odd numbers only.

First of all, to print even and odd pages of PDF files, users need to have Adobe Reader installed to read the file. Not hard to install Adobe Reader on the computer. The condition is that you only need a computer configured strong enough to install the software. Once you have Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, you can easily open the PDF file on your computer. To print odd and even pages in Word, Excel, and PDF, users need to perform the following additional tips.

How to Print odd and even pages in Word, Excel, and PDF:

A. Print odd and even pages in Word, Excel

=> Ways Print parity pages in Word here. The steps performed in Excel are similar to those in Word.

B. Print odd or even pages in PDF

1. Print odd pages in PDF.

First of all you need to open a PDF reader like Foxit Reader. Then open the PDF you want to print on the software.

In the Foxit Reader interface, pay attention printer icon above. You can left-click on it to use the print feature in Foxit Reader.

Also can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + P for quick printing of documents.

How to print a page in word excel pdf 2

In the Subnet section, select Odd Pages only to print odd pages in PDF. Then press OK, got it is that you have printed the document right away.

How to print a page in word excel pdf 3

2. Print an even page in PDF.

Perform the steps to open the Print dialog box as above, in the Subnet section you choose Even pages only to batch print even faces in PDF. Press OK, got it to print documents right away.

How to print a page in word excel pdf 4

The above procedure has helped users to print even and odd pages in PDF easily. For Word and Excel, you use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and then print the same page. The way to print Excel is a bit more complicated because you need to align the data sheet correctly, otherwise Excel printing is very error-prone.

Sometimes users need to print Word, PDF, and Excel documents in small form to use for certain purposes. So if you want to print many pages on a sheet of paper, what do you need to do? Take a look now Print multiple pages on one sheet of paper in Word. Along with doing the same with Excel and PDF files, you also have the documents printed in small form, serving for exams.
In addition, users also need to know how to align in Word to align the document before printing, the alignment in Word helps you print out beautiful page documents, streamlined and accurate layout. There are many ways to align text in Word, you can refer to it to handle in certain versions of Word.


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