How to protect laptop battery, help long bottle

The problem of laptop battery bottles is always a headache for many users because it will reduce battery life as well as make us always carry a charger. So which solution to protect laptop battery, help long bottle? Invite you to read some of the tips in the article below.

The battery is an indispensable component on most technology devices today and with laptops it is extremely important because without batteries your laptop will not be able to operate when separated from the power, which This takes away the inherent mobility of the laptop, you need to check the laptop battery regularly to have a plan to use the laptop battery properly, more effectively, Taimienphi allows to introduce readers to some methods to ensure protect laptop battery, help with long bottle as follows.

How to protect laptop battery, help long bottle

1. Charge and discharge batteries properly

When you first buy a new laptop or replace the battery, you need to charge it “full” by charging 3 times enough time specified by the manufacturer, for Li-ion batteries today, about 3 to 4 hours is enough . Note that the first time to charge the battery is usually full after a few hours, but do not rush to use it immediately, unplug the charger and then reinsert it to charge again.

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A misconception of users when charging the battery is to empty the battery and then fully charge back will avoid the “memory” phenomenon of the battery (the phenomenon of reducing the capacity of the battery when a certain battery is not be charged and used). This is true only for old batteries like NiCd or NiMH, while most laptops today use Li-ion batteries and this type of battery does not suffer memory effect and can be charged when the battery is still running without power. affect storage capacity. Frequent draining, then fully recharging even damages the battery and wastes charge times. Therefore, it is best to charge when the battery capacity is still a little, about 5% to 10%. Refer to the instructions discharge the newly purchased laptop battery.

2. Keep the battery at a cool temperature

With the habit of bringing a laptop to bed, many people’s use cushions will make it difficult for the computer to heat up, resulting in a hot computer, including a battery. This makes the battery drain faster, even longer damage the battery.

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Therefore, when using a laptop make sure that the air vents of the machine are not covered. Never work with a laptop on a pillow or blanket. If possible, place it on a frame with openings below. In addition, it is recommended to periodically clean the computer, especially the vents to ensure air can circulate.

3. Adjust the battery

After a period of use, the laptop will have a phenomenon that the battery management circuit does not recognize the correct capacity of the battery or the battery is charged. Therefore, in order to display the battery capacity correctly, we need to perform a full charge and then discharge the battery (not completely discharged, but discharge as long as the battery is about 3-5% remaining). This work is done by several steps:

Step 1: Fully charged battery
Step 2: After fully charging, let the battery rest about 2 hours.
Step 3: Turn on the device and set the device to hibernate automatically when the battery capacity is 3% (if you do not see this level you can set the lowest level possible).
Step 4: Use the device until the battery runs out, the machine will automatically enter hibernate state.
Step 5: Leave the device in hibernate state for about 5 hours or more.
Step 6: Plug the charger into the device and fully recharge the battery.

4. Both charge and use

Perhaps this is the problem that many users are most concerned about when using a laptop. The fact that plugging in and using the battery is still harmful depends on the circumstances. When the battery is fully charged, the electricity from the charger will not go through the battery but go directly to the laptop’s power source, if used for not too long time, this will not affect the battery life. The main cause of the battery being “bottle” is mainly due to heat during use, not electricity as many people think.

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Under normal usage conditions when the CPU and other hardware requirements are not high, the temperature of the device is about 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, in this condition, the battery is less affected. and may not need to be removed. But for heavy tasks such as video processing or gaming, the heat is huge, so you should remove the battery from the device to avoid reducing battery life.

In many cases, users charge the laptop battery but don’t see it, don’t worry, refer to the way fix laptop battery charger not in Electricity here to know how to fix it.

5. Use a genuine charger

Each laptop will be designed with a separate charger that is suitable for the machine, so in the process of using the laptop, you should not take this lightly, but use the charger in a cross-style way for each other. Doing this will cause your laptop to be seriously damaged or even burst into fire if the charger you plugged in has an inappropriate power in and out. Ideally, you should go to the company’s center to buy the correct charger with your device code.

6. Limit battery exhaustion often.

Regularly draining a battery will make it worse. If it’s just a few times, it’s not much impact, but if you keep letting this situation happen, your battery will go away very quickly. Therefore, when using the device you should plug the charger when the battery is about 15-20%.

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7. Storing batteries

If you do not need the battery for a long time, it is best to remove the battery from the device and store in a cool dry place. The storage capacity of the battery should not be 100% full or empty, it is best at about 40%, the temperature where the battery is stored as low as possible because heat will reduce battery life very quickly, so please avoid Battery near sources of heat or long exposure to the sun.
So, above are the basic ways for you to protect laptop battery, help long-lasting battery that Taimienphi wants to share. Hope readers can equip themselves as well as have a method to use the device appropriately. With older devices, battery health is also a necessity for you to come up with a long-term plan for the device. Refer to the instructions Check laptop battery status For more complete battery health of your device offline.


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