How to put Google Maps on your Website, sales website, business

How to put Google Maps on your Website, sales website, business

Google Maps is now very popular with businesses or individuals, the use of Google Maps on the Website helps businesses, individuals as well as users of search services and better access to each other.

Google Maps Surely no stranger to each of us. This is the most popular address finder and route finder available for free. Perhaps the feature we need most is to use Google Maps to find the way because with the huge data warehouse, no service can eat it again and using Google Maps to find the way is the effective solution. most fruit.

Back to the topic of the article, perhaps in this article also would like to say before this is a difficult form for anyone who has never touched the website or similar systems because we have to apply to a few programming languages ​​as well as knowledge to bring Google Maps to the Website. But if your website buys from a certain service, you can also ask them to add it.

Instructions on how to include Google Maps on the Website.

The inclusion of Google Maps on the Website will help your customers find your address faster not only on Google but even on your website when the address alone is not enough to describe to customers.

Step 1: First, you will insert the pre-programmed code to be able to put Google Maps on the Website, access COME IN to copy the entire code to the tag HEAD Please.

Step 2: You pay attention to the 2 lines

– var gmap = new google.maps.LatLng (10.765974,106.689422)
– center: new google.maps.LatLng (10.765974,106.689422),

You see a sequence of numbers behind these two statements, this is where you change the address on Google Maps, so how to change it comes to Step 3.

Step 3: First you need to access Google Maps HERE.

How to add google maps to your website 2

Then use Google Maps to navigate to your address or your company.

Step 4: Here you right click on that address and Choose What is this?

How to put google maps on your website 3

Step 5: Information about that address appears with a sequence of coordinates below, click the sequence of numbers.

How to put google maps on your website 4

Immediately we will be switched to the navigation mode with the sequence of numbers just clicked, but we do not use the navigation service but only need it to replace the above code, namely replacing 2. The line that we stated above.

How to put google maps on your website 5

Step 6: The next stage, if you want to display Google Maps where, just enter this code in that location is okay, click COME IN to see the code.

Note: You are allowed to adjust the size of Witdh and Hight to fit the position in the website.

And by this step, we have finished putting Google Maps on the Website already. Through the above article, you will see that we need to have a little knowledge of the website or basic web programming to be able to access the system and edit your website. The benefits of putting Google Maps on your Website are obvious so you should start deploying immediately for your website as soon as possible.

Using Google Maps is much more than just adding to your website, features on Google Maps allow you to share the map, add your desired location, and more. Using Google Maps appropriately, you will find it very easy to find a location or share a map in some location.

On smartphones, you can download Google Maps to use, pay attention, download Google Maps the right version for your operating system:

Download Google Maps for Android devices: Google Maps for Android
Download Google Maps for iOS devices: Google Maps for iPhone

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