How to put the Facebook ad title makes customers want to buy immediately

How to put the Facebook ad title makes customers want to buy immediately

Knowing how to place Facebook ad titles can help you attract customers better and stimulate them to click on your ads and order your products. Find out now with!

Currently, to sell effectively online, many people have come and invested in Facebook advertising. However, the same amount of Facebook advertising money but not the same effect of everyone. According to the Fanpage Facebook management software The reason for the ineffectiveness is probably the unattractive Facebook ad content, in part because people do not know how to put Facebook ad titles to attract customers to click on the ads. So after research and find out, today Please share with you how to put the Facebook ad title that customers want to buy right in the article below!

How to put the Facebook ad title makes customers want to buy immediately

Table of Contents:
1. Use the numbers.
2. Write a brief ad title.
3. Emphasis on benefits.
4. Ask a question.
5. Use words that excite customers.

1. Use the numbers

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Setting a Facebook ad title with a number can help you get more customer clicks. You can use numbers in a list title, as a percentage, etc. According to a study that collected data from 150,000 article titles, it was found that odd numbers can have a 20% higher click-through rate than even headlines. The numbers here can be a testament to the product, the discount, the number of people who have used your product …. because it not only increases trust for customers but also earns money. suck and stimulate them to click on find out.

For example, you could title your blog / website’s traffic boost ad: “More than 150,000 websites have been able to increase traffic with our tool. If you have a website, you’ll probably need it. our tools. “

2. Write a brief ad title

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User research shows that 80% of users will not skip the ad title and only the remaining 20% ​​read the rest of the ad less read the title. Accordingly, titles with 60-100 characters have the highest click-through rate and this rate decreases when titles below 60 characters or more than 100 characters. If calculated by words, it falls between 16-18 words will be effective ad headline. The content of the ad should be easy to understand and geared towards value, discount, etc.

For example, the ad title for travel ticket book service, you can set as follows: “You want your trip the most economical. Book tickets now. Our services are 20% discount”

3. Emphasis on benefits

In addition to keeping the Facebook ad title short, concise, another essential thing that you need to keep in mind is to include in it the benefits people will receive when clicking on the ad such as discount offers. , gifts, product benefits, etc. Before setting a title, you should always ask yourself these four questions when writing a title:

– This title is useful – do people see the value in it?
– Is this title unique – does it provide a unique benefit to the customer? Is there any difference?
– Is this title urgent – does it lead customers to take action immediately?
– Is this title specific – does it include the use of facts, figures and statistics?

For example: When promoting food, you can title it “Discover the world through food to receive a food box every 2 months.”

4. Ask a question

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The question makes people curious and that curiosity makes them click the ads. So, here’s what you need to keep in mind when setting up Facebook ad titles. A good example of headline advertising in this form is Snickers, a world famous confectionery company. In the Cranky candy advertisement, Snickers asked a funny question: “Who are you when you’re hungry?” This short but entertaining title has earned them millions of likes, clicks, and sales quickly.

5. Use words that excite customers

When writing the Facebook ad title, whichever word is important. Many studies show that using words to “flatter” the product may cause customers to click ads more, but many other studies think that using negative words is also quite helpful. . While this may not be true for every ad, it is definitely worth a try. Accordingly, the words that you can include in the Facebook ad title should be words that catch people ‘s attention and make them act on your suggestions such as: “click now”, “challenge”, “awesome”. “,” special gifts “,” discount “,” sale “,” free “,” freeship “,” easy “,” order “,” register “….
In addition, a note that the title of the ad article should end with an exclamation point or exclamation mark can also lead to a higher percentage of customers clicking on the ad. Recognizing this, instead of using a simple call to action called “Register today”, the Uber service adds a simple yet effective exclamation mark (“Sign up today.” ! “). Finally you refer How to create facebook ad content effective here.


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