How to quickly full 5000 friends on Facebook, increase interaction, business

You sell products on Facebook, you want your articles to have many followers, then making 5000 Facebook friends is something that you should not ignore. Not only that, it also brings a lot of benefits, so do you know how to quickly full 5000 friends on Facebook?

As you probably already know, the more friends you have on Facebook, the higher the post interaction will be, thereby increasing your chances of closing orders. However, how to send friend request on facebook fast Randomization also takes a lot of time, limiting the number of people. To increase fast full 5000 friends on Facebook then you do the following.

How to add more than 5000 friends to Facebook, remove the friend limit

I. Why should you have full 5000 Facebook friends when doing online business?

Most of us think that a personal Facebook page that sells products with lots of interaction is a good, reputable page. In contrast, a page that has little interaction, scattered with a few comments, a few shares, and likes, that page is often not reputable. When it is not reputable, users will leave without commenting on purchases, even exiting the personal page immediately.

Meanwhile, the psychology of users is that before ordering the product on the article, they will often visit the personal page that posted that post to find out if there are many friends, whether the interaction is good. If the interaction is good, they will feel that the profile is reputable, from there, they will order immediately.

Therefore, increasing full 5000 friends on Facebook will help you increase interaction much better than an account with only a few dozen or a few hundred friends. In addition to that benefit, full 5000 friends on FB also bring many different benefits:
– The number of people following and interested in your article increases, from which the opportunity to reach potential customers will increase.
– Help your posts increase engagement.
– It is possible to build a set of potential customers in these 5000 friends.
– Create a prestigious personal brand on Facebook.
– Increase the number of friends invited to like fanpage.
– Create trust for customers when seeing Facebook has many friends, good interactive articles.

II. How to quickly full 5000 friends on Facebook

Way add more than 5000 friends to Facebook have a lot of. You can apply the following tips to increase the number of friends on Facebook:

1. Make friends with customers’ acquaintances

Usually, we tend to be friends with people we know, have met, in general and who have many friends in common with us. Therefore, in addition to how to make friends with your customers, do not ignore making friends with acquaintances. This is an effective way to help you increase your Facebook friends quickly.

2. Before making friends, post useful articles that are of interest to many people

Before you make friends, post useful articles that meet the needs of many people. For example, at the moment, covid is going on complicatedly, F0 people are increasing rapidly, so sharing articles on how to treat F0 people at home, tips on breathing when having covid … will be of great interest to many people.

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Because when you friend someone, that person will see the notification, open it and go to your wall to see who you are. For example, if you don’t have many friends in common with that person, but they find interesting and relevant content on your wall, your acceptance rate will increase.

3. Use famous hot girl nick (fake hot girl nick)

Creating a hot girl nick often attracts the attention of others, especially men. Therefore, having this nick will help you increase your friends quickly. However, if you do not operate carefully, you are very likely to be reported.

4. Fake smart nick

According to research and also done, creating a fake Facebook account for the audience you are targeting to sell is one of the ways to help you quickly fill 5000 friends quickly.

For example: If you are trading in cheap laptop products for students, you should create a student facebook account. Remember to fill in all information such as school, year of birth, which course, which faculty. After that, remember to join the school’s group, then use the software to scan the group.

5. Make friends in groups containing potential customers

In addition to writing articles on your personal Facebook wall, you should also share useful articles on relevant groups, especially those with the audience you are targeting. This will build your reputation, as well as attract customers to find you. From there, you can confidently send friend requests to them. There are even many people who actively send friends to you.

You can also refer to Facebook minigame ideas, this way also helps you increase interaction. If you can make a good Facebook minigame, the attraction of people’s attention will increase.

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III. How to make content to increase interaction?

In addition to making friends, full 5000 friends on Facebook, in order for Facebook posts to increase interaction, you need to pay attention to this. Depending on the category, there will be certain shares.

– Friend (Friends): You can end the story of daily life, friends.
Family (Family): You can talk about parents, children or feelings.
Feeling: You say joy and sorrow every day.
Funny (Funny): You can post memes or funny pictures trolling people.
Food (Food): You can share recipes, checkin at restaurants…
What are you waiting for if you do not apply how to quickly full 5000 friends on Facebook this. Just have a lot of friends on Facebook, selling on Facebook in particular, online business 0 dong in general becomes much simpler and easier.

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