How to quickly log in to Youtube on your computer or phone

With a way to log in to Youtube on a phone, a computer helps users to comment on videos, subscribe to other people’s channels or create their own channel and upload videos to this social network.

Youtube is a free and online video sharing platform where users can post videos, comment on or watch other people’s videos. To post videos and comments on Youtube readers need to know how to login youtube on your phone or computer.

How to login to Youtube

Request: To login to Youtube, readers first need to have a Google account. If you do not have an account, you can refer to how to create a Google account directly here.

Reference: How to create a Google account

1. Instructions on how to log in to Youtube on your phone.

1.1. Quick start Guide

Open the app Youtube => Select Profile icon => Sign in with your Google account.

1.2. Detailed instructions

Before logging into Youtube you need to update to the latest version or download the application here if not installed.

+ Link to download Youtube for Android
+ Link to download Youtube for iPhone

Step 1: Open the app Youtube on my phone

how to log into youtube on computer

Step 2: Click Profile icon in the top right corner. When there is an announcement Youtube wants to use Google account to log in choose Continue.

how to log into youtube with another earphone

Step 3: Import Email account => Press Next => Enter Password => Press Next.

log into youtube on iphone

Finally, the interface when successfully logged into Youtube on the phone. You can select the Profile icon to change information or manage your channel.

Besides, YouTube Shorts is also one of the new features integrated on Youtube to help users post short videos and earn money. If you already have a Youtube account, don’t miss how to make money on YouTube with YouTube Shorts shared in the article below..

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2. Instructions for logging into Youtube on your computer.

2.1. Quick start Guide

Visit the homepage Youtube => Select Log in => Enter your email account and password.

2.2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Visit the Youtube homepage by following the link below:

Step 2: Choose Log in to proceed with the steps to login Youtube.

log into youtube on android

Step 3: Import Email account created before => Select Next.

login youtube

Step 4: Import Email password => Select Next.

currently logged into youtube

After successfully logging in to Youtube, you will have an Avatar Profile picture (as shown). You can click on the Avatar Profile icon to change your personal information, your Youtube channel.

how to log into youtube fast
Above is how to login to Youtube on phones and computers so that readers can upload Youtube videos as well as comment, subscribe to channels and earn free money.

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