How to read and check battery parameters on BatteryCare

How to read and check the battery parameters on BatteryCare will be summarized and shared below by Through this article, you can easily know the battery parameters on BatteryCar, thereby managing BatteryCare battery effectively.

Battery parameters in battery management software are a lot of information surrounding the battery built into the user’s computer, laptop. Therefore, checking the battery parameters on BatteryCare will help readers can detect battery-related problems such as bottle level, battery capacity for more effective laptop battery management.

Find out, read the parameters on BatteryCare

To check battery parameters on BatteryCare, users can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Right-click on the BatteryCare icon and select Show.

Or you can also click directly on the BatteryCare application icon on the screen

Check the battery information on batterycare

Step 2: In the main interface, you will see the items Basic Information and Detail Information.

Basic Information:

– Current battery capacity: Current battery capacity

– Battery remaining time: The remaining operating time (when using battery mode)

– Battery status: Battery status

– Discharge Information: Information on battery discharge.

– Dischare cycles progress: battery discharge cycle (usually 30 times). If this cycle is full, the system will issue a notification so that the user can discharge the battery to 0% to correct the battery information to become accurate. Battery calibration is the use until the battery reaches 0% and the computer automatically shuts down.

Typically a discharge cycle involves the use of battery from 100% to a safe level of 7% – 20% battery, user plugged in again. That is counted as one cycle. Even if you use from 100% battery to 50% battery and you plug the charger back in, the computer will identify it as a charge discharge cycle.

read battery battery state information

Item Detailed Information:

– Model: name of computer model

– Designed Capacity: The battery capacity according to the manufacturer’s design (always higher than the current battery parameters and total capacity). This parameter represents the maximum capacity of the battery.

– Total Capacity: Total battery capacity. Is the total battery capacity after work and offset current battery capacity parameters.

– Current Capacity: Current battery capacity (current battery capacity after clearing the battery bottle ratio.

– Charge / discharge rate: Rate of charge / discharge

– Tension (Voltage): Voltage

– Wear Level: Battery bottle level (%).

– Total discharge cycles: The total number of discharge cycles performed.

– Last calibration date: The last day to perform battery calibration

– Calibration performed: Number of calibration times.

– See dates: shows the latest time for battery discharge, the number of discharges.

How to check the battery information on batterycare

Above is a review of battery parameters on BatteryCare, in which Wear Level is considered as the most important parameter for users to be able to save laptop battery more effectively, but managing battery is not as simple as monitor battery bottle parameters, you also need to care about battery capacity or CPU temperature, HDD. To Display the temperature on BatteryCare, you can read the previous instructions of

Reading battery parameters with BatteryCare is not a difficult procedure for many people, but without understanding these parameters deeply, it will be difficult for users to plan the most appropriate computer battery management.
Besides, even when using other software like Smart Battery or Battery Doubler to check the battery parameters, you can easily understand the above specifications. Especially Smart Battery is the software that has many similarities with the display of BatteryCare.


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