How to read and open Host files on Windows XP / 7/8 and Windows 10

The hosts file on the computer is considered to store the IP information of the server and the pointed domain name. You can also edit the host file to block website access or redirect the website, add commands to access Facebook, adjust the system parameters, …

You want to open the host file to edit or add to the command line to serve your different purposes. But you still do not know how to open, follow the procedure below of to know how to do it.

Instructions to open the host file

Step 1: Navigate to the directory containing the host file on the computer system. (For Windows XP and Windows 8.8.1 operating systems you do the same)

Method 1: You go to the Windows installation drive (the default is C: drive). Then navigate to the etc directory path, this directory contains the host file: “C: Windows System32 drivers etc”

Method 2: To enter Start menu In the lower right corner of the screen, enter the box Search progarms and files path C: Windows System32 drivers etc. At that time the folder appears etc You just need to click on it.

Step 2: Open the host file

Right-click on the host file and select Open. Then the dialog box Open with appears, select the application to open the host file (here choose to open the host file as a notepad) and finally click OK, got it.

The host file is opened in the form.

File hosts block sending malicious code via Facebook messages

To prevent sending malicious code via Facebook messages, you add the following 2 lines to the host file on your computer.

* Some error when editing host file

– Cannot save the file after editing because the account is not Admin. See instructions for fixing a failure to save the host file on the computer
– Some antivirus software prevent editing the host file

How to fix:

– Open the host file with the Administrator account.
– Turn off antivirus software to make editing easier.
Only with the simple way, you have a way to open the host file on the computer system, hope this little trick is somewhat helpful for you. And now you can customize the host file to serve your work. In addition, you can track other reading and opening tips on


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