How to read messages waiting on Message Requests on Facebook

How to read messages waiting on Message Requests on Facebook

The messages waiting on Messager are hidden by Facebook on the web as well as Messenger and if you do not pay attention, you will be hard to detect, so many users have accidentally missed many important messages, To view messages that you may have forgotten for a long time, follow these simple instructions of Tamienphi!

By default, Facebook Messenger will hide the content, not show the message of strangers outside the user’s friends list. These messages will be placed in Messager Requests (Message waiting).

View pending messages on Messager

So, where is the Message waiting area placed by Facebook? How to access, read and view pending messages on Messager?

Instructions for viewing pending messages on Messager

1. On the website interface
Step 1: Open your wesbite browser and Log into your Facebook account as usual.
Step 2: Left click the icon Messenger in the upper right corner of the screen.
Click on the item Messager Requests in the drop down menu.

how to read messages for message requests on facebook 2

2. On the phone application
Step 1: Open the application Messenger and login to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Click on it Avatar in the left corner of the screen.
Step 3: Select the item Message is waiting .
The system will immediately move you to the waiting message storage section as shown below.

How to manage message requests on Facebook 3

As mentioned above, the waiting messages are due to strangers actively texting you before the two have never made friends. If you’re not online when the person is texting, you won’t get Facebook’s notification, and the message will also go to the Messager Requests, and this is also the trick View hidden Facebook Messenger messages many people have been wondering for a long time.
When the message is in this section, the sender will not be able to see the status of the message the recipient has read or not. You will receive a normal notification when Accept chat or reply to that person’s message without necessarily making friends on Facebook.


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