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How to record a video with Bandicam on a computer


Taimienphi guides how to record videos with Bandicam on your computer to help you record the gaming screen or guide computer tips with the highest quality, the video after recording will be edited and uploaded to Youtube and Facebook

To record an Empire match or any game sent to friends and relatives, we have a lot of software that supports screen recording. A typical example is Open Boardcaster and some other software. But above all, Open Boardcaster Software also allows recording and streaming to TwitchTV, TalkTV …

However, Open Boardcaster is software intensive so its usage is quite complicated. In addition, there are many other software that supports screen recording, but recommends using Bandicam, because this is a small software, the operation is also very easy to use. In addition, you can also use FastStone Capture or Camtasia Studio to experience

Instructions on how to record videos on Bandicam


– The computer has Bandicam software, not yet, you proceed Download Bandicam
– DirectX supported software: download DirectX

Step 1: After installing Bandicam, click on the software

If Bandicam installation is not successful, you follow how install Bandicam details here

bandicam video bang

Step 2: In the tab Video. Customize keyboard shortcuts. Then choose Settings to set Video format.

how to record a bandicam video

Step 3: In Settings, choose a format AVI or MP4 optionally, then adjust the parameters for the video.

video dan bandicam bang band

Step 4: After setting, press the rectangle icon to select the rotation area

how to record a bandicam video

Step 5: Push the button REC red to start video game recording.

video recording bandicam bang

Step 6: When you want to stop recording, press the game handle icon to STOP.

video dan bandicam bang band
Above is a simple use for Bandicam when you want to record video games on your computer. Besides that, you can record videos with Snagit to do detailed tutorial videos on your laptop.



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