How to record on a Windows 10,8,7 computer with Bandicam

How to record on a Windows 10,8,7 computer with Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the famous software for recording voices and sounds on computers. If you are looking to learn how to record on Windows 10,8,7 using Bandicam, then follow our article below:

When conducting video recording on a Windows computer, it is certainly indispensable that part of the sound is. To carry out computer audio recording, select “default audio device” as the main audio device on Bandicam and set “Speaker” as the default playback device on Windows.

1. Install Bandicam

Start Bandicam and select “(Default Sound Device)” in Primary Sound Device.

If you do not see “(Default audio device)”, uncheck the “Run this program in compatibility mode” option

2. Install Windows

1. Select “Playback device” in the system tray and set “Speaker (or Headset)” as the default audio device.
2. Select “Open Volume Mixer” in the system tray and set the application volume to 70% – 90%.
3. If you set Bandicam and Windows correctly, you will see the sound bar when recording
4. If you still cannot record the computer, please try some of the solutions below:

– Select “Speaker (or Headset)” as the main audio device and switch off the auxiliary audio device.
– Select MP4 container “instead of” AVI “and try again.
– Install the sound card driver correctly and try again.
The way to rotate the screen with Banticam is not jerky, lag is not too complicated, but in the use process we need to follow a certain rule, follow the tips on the computer screen, it is best to turn the screen with Banticam quality we should choose a good configuration, fast processor, so to ensure efficiency.


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