How to record / record PowerPoint presentations

How to record / record PowerPoint presentations

With PowerPoint, you can record and record videos on your computer easily without having to install any external support tools. Recording feature in PowerPoint version with many options including recording / recording feature of PowerPoint presentation is very useful and interesting.

In this article, we will use PowerPoint 2016 to demo the operations record and record PowerPoint presentation slides. Using the recording option, you will capture both your presentation and the PowerPoint application will automatically synchronize with the content of the slides you are projecting.

Record and record presentation slides on PowerPoint

How to record / record PowerPoint presentations

Step 1: You need to display the menu Recording on the bar Ribbon.

You go to the tab File -> select Options. In the interface settings -> you click Customize Ribbon -> then look at the right most right of the screen -> click on it Recording Let this tab show.

how to record powerpoint program 2

Step 2: Immediately, you will see the tab Recording on the bar Ribbon.

how to record powerpoint program 3

When you click the tab Recording -> you will see other functions displayed:

Record Slide Show: Useto make audio or video recordings.
– Screenshot: Used to take a screenshot of the computer screen.
– Screen Recording: Used to record the screen.
Video: Used to insert videos into PowerPoint.
Audio: Used to insert sound from computer and record directly into slides.
Save as Show: Used to save the presentation to * .ppsx format
Export to Video: Used to export to a video format.
how to record powerpoint program 4

Step 3: To perform audio / video recording of presentations -> click on Record Slide Show 2 different options will be displayed:

Record from Current Slide … Used to record from the current slide
Record from Beginning … Used to record from the first slide.

how to record powerpoint program 5

Step 4: After you Start Recording The interface will display as shown below.

how to record powerpoint program 6

You will see icons when recording / recording with different functions:

Record: Used to conduct recording with keyboard shortcuts as R. If recording stops, press the key I.
Stop: Used to stop recording, the keyboard shortcut is S.
Replay: Used to preview the current slide, the shortcut is V.
Notes: Used to display notes on the slide.
Clear: Used to erase the recorded data with 2 options Clear Recordings to clear data with current slide and Clear Recordings on All Slides to delete all.
Settings: Use to set up Microphone and webcam if your PC is connecting multiple Microphone and webcam.

– Icon Eraser used to delete, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + E.
– Icon Pen to draw with a pen, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + P.
– Icon Highlighten to use a luminous pen, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + I.
– Color bar for brushes.
– Icon micro used to enable or disable the Microphone, the shortcut used is Ctrl + M.
– Icon camera Use to turn the camera on or off, with the keyboard shortcut to use as Ctrl + K.
– Humanoid icon to turn on or off webcam with shortcut Ctrl + J.

Step 5: To start the recording -> click on the button Record then wait for 3 seconds to prepare -> then you speak while recording. If you want to pause recording -> you press the key I And when you’re done, click Stop to end the recording process.

In case when you record, if your slide has effect to appear on objects, you can say at the same time you combine click to make recording process synchronized.

You can also use additional tools like Pen or Highlighten To make notes, highlight important points and places to emphasize on the slide.

Step 6: You can click on the button Replay to review the recording process to detect errors. You can click on the triangle icon or press the arrow key → to move to the next slide while recording normally.

After the recording is completed, you exit the recording program and return to the main interface of PowerPoint -> you notice the lower right corner will have a speaker icon or the recording will appear as the image below.

how to record powerpoint program 7

Step 7: To save the file just recorded, you go to File -> select Export -> and then select Creat a Video -> select continue Create Video

how to record powerpoint program 8

Then choose where to save the video just finished recording.

how to record powerpoint program 9

The article above has just guided you How to record / record PowerPoint presentations on this application itself without the need to install additional software to support audio or video recording.
With the steps newly introduced and guided by, hopefully you will create lively and attractive presentations, and can record the slide show content quite simply as with the Manipulation has just been instructed above. Besides, we also share many beautiful and unique Powerpoint templates that you can use to make presentation slides for your work or study. Good luck!


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