How to record superhero transformation videos on CapCut

Previously, Quantrimang taught you a lot of interesting effects on the CapCut application to create videos. And in this article, you will have more metamorphic effects on the CapCut application to record videos. Recording a video with the super-transforming effect is as simple as when you use other effects. We just need to upload photos, or videos on demand to CapCut to make videos. The following article will guide you to record superhero transformation videos on CapCut.

Instructions for recording superhero transformation videos on CapCut

Step 1:

At the interface on CapCut, first click on Item Templates to see the effects on the app. Then we click on the search bar enter superman keyword to find superman effects on CapCut.

Step 2:

The result will show a lot of superman effect types on CapCut for you to use. We will use the super-transforming effect as shown below. Tap the effect and see how the effect will be displayed. If you use it, click on Sampling.

Step 3:

Then display the interface to select the video needed for creating a superman transformation video. You click on the video you want to use Click View prior to under.

Select video for effect

Step 4:

You will now see the video complete with the super variable effect. With your video, we can click to edit video as with some of the options below.

Step 5:

Finally you press Export to export a complete video with the superman transform effect is fine.

Export video on CapCut


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