How to record video on a PC screen, the best laptop

How to record video on a PC screen, the best laptop

Using specialized software to record video on your PC screen, laptop effectively such as Camtasia, Camstudio, Bandicam … allows you to perform the operation on the computer screen easily. You can follow the following article to know how to implement the video recording software below.

Now there are many reasons to record a video on a computer screen, a laptop, some people want to record a computer screen when playing games, and some want to record a video on the computer via a webcam to save their actions. beyond …

Summary of computer screen recording software

There are many software to record videos on computer and laptop screens, such as: Bandicam, Camtasia Studio or CamStudio, follow the content below to see the strengths and weaknesses of these software

Video recording software for PC and laptop screens is the best

1. Bandicam: Bandicam is one of the best software according to user reviews, using Bandicam to help you record each action, sound, image clearly when you are playing the game without affecting the speed of the game.

2. Camtasia Studio: Camtasia Studio is a popular software, Camtasia Studio not only records screen videos but also supports many video editing features such as inserting captions, zooming, zooming … very suitable for videos. tutorial.

3. CamStudio: Advantages: Free, used to record the operation on the computer screen (film screen).

4. ActivePresenter: Screen recording, in addition to movie recording, ActivePresenter also has the added function of editing video and audio to give us the most perfect videos.

Instructions for using CamStudio screen recording software

Here’s how to use the most basic screen recording software CamStudio. When using familiar software you can choose to further refine the video with the options in the section Options of the software.

Step 1: Download and install CamStudio here

Step 2: Launch the program will have the interface as shown below.

First you choose the output format as AVI or SWF at the button Record to Flash / AVI.

video screen recorder

Step 3: To make screen recording with Camstudio quite simple, you just need to Click the button Record (red circle icon) to start swiping, if you want to pause click Pause (icon with 2 black rectangles).

video recording of computer screen

Step 4: When you have finished recording or want to finish recording, press the button Stop (the blue square icon) choose where to save the file, the file name and choose Save to save them.

video screen recorder

Above helped you list the professional screen recording software that is used by a large number of users today. In addition, you can refer to the screen recording instruction with CamStudio software and perform similar screen recording operations for other software.

video recording screen calculator

Top featured video recording software on computer

On Windows, there is a feature that many users do not know is the Steps Recorder, not picky like many other professional software, using Steps Recorder, users can easily capture, record videos of their computer screen, If you do not know how to open, refer to the article about Steps Recorder for more details.

In addition, there are some other screen recording software you can refer to:

Cute Screen Recorder Free: Record screen and can attach audio file to Video. You can also set the output parameters for the video output with the best quality.

Screenr: is an online service that helps you record a screen with just one click, but the downside is that it only takes a maximum of 5 minutes. However, you can record online anytime you want without having to log in to the homepage.
Click & ShareIt: Record screen, record voice with just one Click.


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